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Ensured secure and reliable web services, enhanced product quality, and enabled seamless payment integration for a healthcare delivery organization

About this

About this project

The objective was to revamp CuraPatient’s development and operational practices to overcome their current challenges. This includes simplifying and modernizing the codebase to facilitate effective development and improvements while adopting contemporary development practices to enhance developer productivity and streamline codebase enhancements. Upgrading server configurations is essential to reduce downtime and improve response times, ensuring seamless service delivery and an enhanced user experience. Additionally, automating scheduling processes and strengthening privacy measures improved the efficiency and accuracy of patient care while safeguarding data privacy. These objectives enabled CuraPatient to deliver superior patient care, boost operational efficiency, and enhance overall service quality.


Healthcare Management System, Application Modernization


Irvine, California


About the client

CuraPatient collaborated with Successive to update patient care and communication through an advanced web platform. Due to their current code base and server setup, they faced downtime and slow response times. Their goal was to simplify access to medical assistance for residents and improve communication among healthcare providers, patients, and the community during COVID-19 cases. Using cutting-edge web development technologies, they aimed to create a user-friendly platform that enhances patient care and improves overall outcomes.

About the client About the client


Comprehensive Healthcare Solution Development

Through rapid prototyping, integrating electronic health records (EHR), and implementing remote patient monitoring, Successive Digital transformed the platform into a comprehensive healthcare solution. Our development team utilized cutting-edge technologies and a robust framework, ensuring scalability and reliability.

Enhanced Security and User Experience

We enabled security measures, compliance verification, and test automation to enhance product quality. Seamless payment integration further improved the user experience, making it easy and secure to make payments online.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  1. Ensured the security and reliability of the web platform, improved product quality, and delivery, and enabled seamless payment integration.
  2. Our solution increased personal health monitoring, enhanced patient comfort and engagement, and integrated comprehensive health monitoring and management tools.
  3. Offered health-related tips, provided self-assessments for health improvement, and enhanced remote healthcare delivery.

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