Social Impact

Our social initiative to create waves of positive change for people, communities, and society.

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Successive Digital’s CSR initiative, Social Impact, aims to support societal causes that impact communities and build a better world. With ongoing campaigns and partnerships with multiple NGOs, we keep the CSR activities well-oiled and continue contributing our best to society. Along the way, we have built meaningful relationships with people and drive sustainability to empower the generations to come.

All our CSR activities come under the following two programs of the Social Impact Initiative.


To drive various community engagements under Social Impact, we created the Vriddhi program, open for our Successivians to contribute through monetary and non-monetary donations. The donations collected at the end of each cycle are equally matched by Successive Digital before donating to a charity or a non-profit.



Intending to facilitate a sustainable tomorrow, we undertake monthly plantation drives where our fellow Successivians take an active part in planting trees to make a significant impact for a better future. Organizing campaigns, we encourage communities to adopt sustainable habits in their daily lives, like reducing plastic use or conserving water.

Glimpses of Our Recent CSR Activities

Food Distribution

In a dedicated effort to address food insecurity in our local communities, we conducted a food distribution drive as a part of our latest CSR initiative to celebrate World Food Day. With this initiative, we aim to make a positive impact beyond business, showing our deep concern for the welfare of our communities and significantly in the spirit of unity, compassion, and unwavering commitment with the powerful motto: "Leave No One Behind.


Plantation Drive

As a part of our Vruksham program, we conducted a green initiative plantation drive under the aegis of Social Impact, where Successivians planted 100+ trees in collaboration with Tender Heart NGO. Putting our endeavors for a greener tomorrow was truly a blissful moment.

Caregiving for the Elderly

Team Social Impact, along with fellow Successivians, visited the Vridh Ashram and spent a few hours with around 110 elderly people. They chatted with them, indulged in some exciting activities, distributed food items, danced, listened to them singing, and shared a few laughs. This CSR initiative was conducted to support the elderly who are either abandoned or lost and cannot take care of themselves.


Gift Distribution to Children

On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, 12 volunteers of the Social Impact team collaborated with Aangan aur Aanchal, a non-profit NGO working for underprivileged children and the elderly, to distribute gifts. The team went to Sindodari Devi Parvatiya Vriddhalya for distribution, lighted diyas, and celebrated the festival. The joy and excitement on the faces of the children was the best gift for Successive Digital.

Balancing Equality

Team Social Impact volunteered and conducted a school bag distribution drive, where the volunteers went around the remote areas of Delhi/ NCR to distribute school bags to children and help them seek education with equality. The drive ended with smiles and happy tears, which is a reward for all our CSR team's efforts.


Donation for Cow Protection

With a mission to protect our cows, our Social Impact team volunteers from Noida and Pune went to cow shelters in the city and donated fodder, medicines, and resources to improve the shelter’s infrastructure. Our fellow Successivians also provided monetary donations to our Gaumata Seva program, which was donated to the shelters for their amelioration.

I am delighted to share how satisfied I feel after feeding people in need. After visiting the old age home, I learned that love is beyond all verbal barriers and that life is a complete cycle.

- Shivi Mishra, Senior Associate, HRBP

(Volunteer- Team Social Impact)

I'm proud to be part of an organization that values community engagement and allows us to make a positive impact on society.

- Praveen Bhaskaran, AVP Program Management

(Volunteer- Team Social Impact)

Participating in visits to old age homes and orphanages was a heartwarming experience. Interacting with the elderly and spending time with the children was humbling and inspiring.

- Saurabh Payal, Senior Associate, HRBP

(Volunteer- Team Social Impact)

Being part of the green initiative was truly a fulfilling experience, and I believe we all should contribute our best to society. It's rewarding to see a company that understands the importance of giving back.

- Tejasvi Jain, Associate Content Writer

(Volunteer- Team Social Impact)

Social Impact has given me a new perspective towards contributing our best to society and making an impact.

- Jitendra Pal Singh, Senior Manager Technology

(Volunteer- Team Social Impact)