Generative AI Proof of Concept - Ideation to PoC

Are you ready to turn your business vision into a working Proof of Concept and embark on a journey into the future of specialized artificial intelligence to drive value? Welcome Generative AI - the next generation of intelligent systems and revolutionize your business for forever.

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Bringing Endless Opportunities with Generative AI

Various generative artificial intelligence apps, including ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, and Stable Diffusion, have captured the attention of a significant part of the world's population. These innovations have the innate potential to drastically alter how we interact with computational technologies, opening up a wide range of transformational possibilities. Our Generative AI Proof of Concept program is designed to quickly prototype Generative AI use cases to validate the use-case against viability, ROI, technical feasibility, and LLM model functionality and a way to showcase the value of Generative AI for your business. This serves as an illustration of the inherent worth and usefulness of generative AI for your company.


Our Approach

Engagement Details

Engaging Model
  • Define PoC requirements and collaborate with you to define KPIs and success criteria.
  • Validate the GenerativeAI use case and business needs with your team.
  • Analyze data availability, data sources, and quality, model training infrastructure readiness, model training, and deployment.
  • Set up a proof-of-concept infrastructure and environment for model training and deployment.
  • Determine and use applicable foundation models based on use cases and data availability, such as GPT 3.5/4.0, Llama 2, etc.
  • Use a vector database to load your company's specific data for in-context prompting (optional).
  • Fine-tuning the model and prompt optimization to a given use case.
  • PoC can last up to 8 weeks, divided into two phases: readiness (1 week) and execution (7 weeks).
  • This Proof of Concept will cover up to one Generative AI use case.
  • We will collaborate with AWS to secure the funds required to cover the cost of the PoC services.
  • Working PoC and Demo
  • Documented problem statement, Generative AI use case, and KPI and success criteria
  • High-level PoC design and technical documentation
  • All the software code, prompts, and fine-tuning developed for the PoC
  • Documented roadmap to scale and move the PoC to MVP
  • Working prototype for the use case to demonstrate the value to business
  • MVP roadmap and execution strategy for the next phase
  • ROI and business use case value justification

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Our Clients

We will assist in securing funding from cloud providers to offset the PoC cost and engage in consultations with our engineering team. Funding is subject to approval by the Cloud provider.

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