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Create a fast, secure, scalable backend for your application and take user experiences to the next level with Successive’s backend development services.

Our Backend Development Services Ensure Reliable And Scalable Behavior Of Application

Our backend developers build solutions that ensure your applications perform exceptionally at any scale.

Smart enterprises never let their applications hit performance saturation. They invest in scalable backend architecture to ensure their application quickly adapts to increasing workloads and performs as expected. As a leading backend development company, we’ve helped companies of any size and industry build or upgrade to world-class application architecture. Our robust and reliable backend solutions help our clients delight a growing customer base and get terrific ROI from their software investments.


Our Backend Development Services

Our full-cycle backend development services include developing the backend using the most advanced languages and frameworks from scratch. We also have expertise in migrating to a modern backend platform or refactoring and modernizing legacy software to the cloud to enable businesses to stay competitive.


Development Consulting

Selecting the right backend tool is crucial since it is responsible for server-side logic, data processing, and communication with front-end components. Our technical consultants effortlessly communicate complex technical concepts in simple words and consult you for the best tool you may need for your project.


Web Backend Development

Whether you want a robust backend solution for your website, web app, or desktop applications, Successive’s back-end developers, experts in web and software development, ensure seamless and efficient development that delivers outstanding results and exceeds expectations.


Mobile App Backend Development

We help you create or optimize the backend architecture and infrastructure for mobile apps to efficiently handle many concurrent users with optimum performance. Our team also helps you instill strong security, data storage, and management for efficient real-time communication.


CRM/CMS Backend Development

Our solution development experts build, configure, and customize CRM or CMS to ensure your app or site has a robust backend with features and functionality your team needs to strategize better business outcomes. The offered system and solutions are developed to integrate easily with your existing systems.


Cloud Backend Development

Successive has certified cloud experts who help you architect the backend for cloud applications to empower frontend architecture. They are well-versed with leading cloud platforms and have complete know-how in developing, configuring, and deploying apps, data, and infrastructure on remote cloud servers.


IoT Backend Development

Leveraging our expertise in full-fledged app development services, experts at Successive build IoT backend that coherently deals with a constant stream of data gathered from devices such as vehicles, home appliances, cameras, sensors, and other edge devices. We aim to bring resilience and high availability of applications and data even in real-time.


API Development

Our API development team builds and customize APIs to implement business logic that your app's backend needs to handle various types of request, manage connections, and interact with other applications or third-party systems. We ensure secure and robust communication between apps through API development.


Backend Migration and Modernization

Whether you want to migrate from your legacy systems developed on Cobol to Python or Java or complete platform migration and modernization to cloud solutions, Successive has the team and technical capabilities to take up heavy lifting. We know modern processes and tools, ensuring seamless transition without system downtime.


Custom Backend Solutions

Successive assists with custom backend development services. Whether you need the support to build the backend from scratch or modernize it on new platforms and technologies with better features, functionality, and business logic, we help you do all.

Why Choose Our Backend Development Services

As a top backend development company, we don’t just take over the heavy-lifting—we build you flawless software that grows with you and gives great returns.


Superior Performance

We combine best-in-class tech and modern development practices to deliver fast backend solutions to power your product.

Agile Development

Our agile delivery models help make development faster, more efficient, and risk-free so you get a flawless product on time.

Quality Engineering

Our backend developers ensure that world-class quality is maintained at every stage of the development process.

Long-Term Solutions

We build modern and scalable backend solutions that deliver business growth and exceptional performance today and tomorrow.

Secure Software

We use the latest security best practices to protect your backend application.

Constant Support

We ensure your product continues to work smoothly and optimally even after deployment.

Why Successive?

We’re a top backend development company that enterprises across industries trust to set up reliable and resilient solutions for applications. At Successive, we have the right team, experience, and expertise to build exceptional and scalable backend solutions. 

Our backend developers build custom applications that help companies do business better. We combine modern tech, best practices, and agile & DevOp development to build products that deliver significant ROI.  

As an experienced backend development agency, we know what it takes to build fast, fault-tolerant, and highly available backends. We also know the cost of failure and take every measure possible to minimize risk and optimize results.

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Our Expertise On Backend Tech Stack

As a leading backend development company, Successive empowers digital transformation by addressing the core of IT and filling the gaps with modern tools, technologies, and capabilities.



Since the app development world has switched to event-driven architecture, building a scalable, high-performance, and resilient backend is essential. Successive leverages its expertise in node.js development to build modern apps, increasing customer satisfaction.



Successive used modern tools, integrations, and technologies to solve modern technical challenges. We leverage the versatility of Python and its numerous supporting libraries to meet different use cases of a project's development and deployment.



PHP has grown and become more powerful with each passing year and runs underneath many applications and systems. We have a team of expert PHP developers with an average of a decade of experience in PHP solutions accommodating the diverse needs of different applications.



Java is considered evergreen due to its use across the web, mobile, electronic appliances, to servers. Having been aware of the advantages Java development brings to simple and complex application development, Successive works with hand-picked Java developers for project development.



When you want to develop modern, scalable, and high-performance applications for web, mobile, desktop, games, and IoT, Successive brings in expertise in .net development. Our .net developers are well versed with .net’s extensive infrastructure and end-to-end project development process.



Ruby with Rails is perfect for developing robust and scalable backend solutions for diverse applications. Successive offers ruby developers for hire who have expertise in this MVC-based framework and possess experience over other ruby frameworks to build the application as you want.



To develop cloud-native applications, you require to upgrade and update your tool kit. Successive help you fill the gap of Golang developers within your cloud-native app development team that you may require to quickly and efficiently develop maintainable systems.



Being used in millions of modern applications and cloud platforms, Successive is the right choice for hiring C# developers. Our team of C# developers are experienced and possess hands-on expertise in developing and delivering solutions for enterprise-level applications.



When you want to begin an app development journey with headless functionality, there is no better choice than Strapi. Being a partner with Strapi, Successive holds the technical capabilities and is familiar with the best practices and processes essential for developing a headless-based application’s backend.



Successive helps you achieve the desired velocity in software development and deployment by providing Docker developers on hire. Our certified developers can help you containerize your applications and ensure portable apps are seamlessly deployed to different environments.



Leveraging the Kubernetes platform to deploy distributed applications and containers and ensuring end-to-end app security when the app starts to scale is not a game for beginners. Hire certified and experienced Kubernetes professionals from Successive who accommodate increasing demand and keep the system live and resilient.



Whether you want to migrate your workload to AWS or are thinking of developing an app on a cloud platform from scratch, Successive can help. We are advanced AWS partners and are well-versed in AWS environments, products, tools, and the latest trends, such as serverless deployment, AI & ML, and others.

Backend Development Services FAQs

Find answers to your questions about our backend development services.

Here’s the tech stack our backend development experts work with:

1. Programming languages: Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, C#, Ruby.

2. Frameworks: Django, Laravel, Spring Boot, ASP.NET, Express.

3. Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, MS SQL Server.

4. Web servers: NGINX, Apache, Tomcat, Microsoft IIS. Our full-stack backend developers are skilled in development patterns including MEAN, MERN, MEVN, and LAMP.

It depends. The cost of backend development depends on the scope and complexity of the project, the timelines involved, functionality requirements, and other factors. To get an estimate for your project, give us a call!

We take one of two approaches to backend development: an agile (scrum) model for incremental development or a hybrid-agile model that combines agile and non-agile best practices. As an experienced backend development company, we understand that every business has unique objectives. This is why our delivery models are customized to your specific preferences and end-goals.

The time required depends on the complexity of the product you need as well as the project scope. To get a better estimate of delivery timelines, reach out to us today

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