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Specialized Software Solutions To Meet Specific Business Needs

Specialized Software Solutions To Meet Specific Business Needs

In the ever-evolving landscape of software businesses, the demand for continuous innovation is relentless. The integration of cloud, microservices, API-led connectivity, containerization, and DevSecOps has revolutionized the paradigm of software product development, amplifying the intricacy of engineering. Successive Digital has stood as a reliable partner in software product engineering services, collaborating with industry-leading software brands. Our comprehensive services span every phase of the software development life cycle and fully staffed product engineering teams, including Product Owners, Scrummasters, Business Domain SMEs, Technical Architects, SDETs, Performance engineers, DevOps engineers, Security Engineers, facilitating the acceleration of software engineering and steering modernization initiatives to redefine and elevate your product experiences. By working together collaboratively with your team in our Flexible Agile Development Methodology, our POD or Scrum teams accelerate the market rollout of your product feature set without the need for you to hire and expand your dedicated product engineering capacity.

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Engagement Models

POD as a service

POD as a service

Flexible multi-competency skilled teams for 6-12 months. Ideal for Tech Debt, Product refresh, Front-end, or backend modernization.

Dedicated Product Engineering COE

Dedicated Product Engineering COE

Set up offshore or nearshore COE for 1-3 years. Ideal for medium-long term product enhancements, native cloud product development, SaaS modernization.

Build-Operate-Transfer Model

Build-Operate-Transfer Model

Build product engineering teams from ground-up, incubate in our locations, and transfer once mature. Ideal for dedicated, low-cost, high-quality engineering capabilities for the long term.

Key Competencies

  • Product Strategy: New product opportunity identification, existing product enhancement, pricing and packaging optimization, strategic product roadmap development.
  • Design Thinking: Product Ideation or Conceptualization, UI/UX Design
  • Product Engineering: (Including but not limited to the following)
  • UI/UX: Wireframe & Storyboard development
  • Front End Engineering: Angular, React.JS, Vue.JS, PWA, Typescript, Ionic
  • Backend Engineering: Java, Node.JS, Python, GoLang, .NET, PHP, Ruby
  • Cloud Native Development: Serverless, Containers, AWS, Azure, and GCP platform engineering and architecture
  • Data Engineering: Glue, Redshift, Kafka, Kinesis, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, MySQL Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL
  • Performance & Scalability: AppDynamics, Dynatrace, NewRelic, JProfiler, JTop
  • SRE & DevOps: CI/CD pipeline and security-Jenkins/Gitlab GitOps, Kubernetes, IAC (Terraform, Ansible, Plumi)
  • Mobile App Development: iOS, Android, Hybrid using Flutter and React Native
  • Quality Engineering: Manual & Automation Testing using Selenium, Protractor, JMeter, Appium, Rest-Assured
  • Innovation Labs:
    • Prototyping and Rapid MVP roll-out teams
    • Incorporating AI/ML and GenAI use cases to enhance product features
    • Hackathons
    • Technology Research
  • Product Modernization & SaaS market rollout:
    • SaaS business model transformation
    • Lift & Shift of on-premise hosted platforms
    • Refactoring and modernization of legacy software products into Microservices based architecture on the public cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Why Successive Digital for Product Engineering?

Innovation in Every Line of Code, Excellence in Every Product



Our approach is not just about technology; it's about understanding your vision and empathetically collaborating to bring it to life. Successive Digital becomes an extension of your team, ensuring a harmonious partnership.



Beyond coding, we prioritize user-centric design thinking. Every line of code is written with the end-user in mind, ensuring that your software doesn't just function but provides a seamless and delightful user experience.



Successive Digital believes in iterative development. We seamlessly integrate continuous user feedback, adapting and refining the software to meet evolving user needs, keeping your audience at the heart of the development process.



We are committed to creating software that is accessible to everyone. Our focus on inclusivity ensures that your products are designed and engineered to cater to diverse user needs, enhancing the overall user experience.

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