Business Objective

Business Objective

ACL Mobile is helping businesses elevate the customer experience across multiple channels: SMS, Voice, Email, WhatsApp, and Notifications. Companies from leading industry verticals such as BFSI, Fintech, E-commerce, Travel Tech, and others trust multi-channel messaging solutions provided by ACL. ACL Mobile needed to develop a comprehensive solution to improve its enterprise messaging software's overall performance and agility. They also aimed to expand their user base by preparing the existing system with modern features to support fast adoption and integration with new digital businesses and platforms.

Business Challenge

Limited Vendor Support

The client’s messaging solution accommodated only a single vendor, which inhibited the client’s market reach in establishing a broader use base.

Outdated Systems

Over time, the client’s infrastructure and applications became outdated, and development cycles prolonged and impeded operational agility.

Escalating Operational Cost

The client faced soaring operational expenses, scalability issues, and poor platform performance, affecting service reliability and speed.


Business Solution

Successive, leveraging technical expertise, assisted ACL in developing a cutting-edge multichannel messaging app. The team modernized Voice and SMS applications into a microservices architecture, enhancing scalability and big data query capabilities. DevOps adoption accelerated updates and releases, facilitating agile development. Our solution seamlessly managed OBD calls, integrated GPU-based SQream for high-speed data processing, and generated real-time reports for informed decision-making. Cost optimization was achieved by modernizing microservices and integrating multiple IVR providers, ensuring efficient data handling and transparency.

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