Business Objective

Business Objective

ACL stalked the idea of Traffic Analyser - a software solution driven by user experience and based on data to help its many enterprise-level clients visualize data in real-time and in a streamlined manner. They appointed Successive Digital to help them build a sustainable front and backend architecture that eliminates fundamental issues in data management of ACL and provides a faster, more robust visualizer and custom dashboard. But, factoring in challenges of data fetching errors, system malfunctions, and an existing complex architecture made the task far from easy.

Business Challenge

Unorganized Data

With millions of communications made each day from thousands of clients, the influx of data was overwhelming and met with unorganized and non-visualized management techniques.

Misplaced Safety Systems

There weren't any streamlined safety systems in place to eliminate basic issues, including untimely and erratic system malfunctions which lead to multiple dropped requests.

Hundreds of Data Points

There were more than 300 data points that ranged from automated calls to texts and WhatsApp messages that were to be integrated into the visualizer.


Business Solution

A blueprint to our approach was initiated by solving existing issues in the digital communication platform which included shifting from a CPU-based database management system to GPU, adapting to a comprehensive database architecture based on SQream, and further optimization of database queries for quick record fetching. We also employed leading software technology to develop a clean front end for the end-user, allowing them to visualize real-time data via charts and customizable reports.

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