Kubernetes Well-Architected Review

Kubernetes Well-Architected is a framework that helps in learning the strategies & standards for architecting k8s, evaluating your k8s architecture against best practices, and improving overall security posture by lowering or mitigating any issues or risks.

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Make your Kubernetes production-ready

Kubernetes is complex and requires significant expertise to operate in a production-grade environment. As a one-size-fits-all approach can not fulfill the distinct requirements of a system, Successive helps you assess your current Kubernetes architecture against well-architected pillars of security, cost optimization, operational excellence, performance, and reliability. Running an enterprise-grade fleet of Kubernetes clusters requires embedding dozens of tools and open-source technologies together to achieve critical capabilities such as access management, configuration enforcement & drift management, and Kubernetes security policy management. 

Make your Kubernetes production-ready

Is your Kubernetes Well-Architected?

Let our team assess the platform against well-architected framework and find areas of improvement in your deployed k8s architecture. Additionally, identify opportunities to reduce platform running costs, establish round-the-clock security, and streamline DevOps.

Kubernetes Infrastructure

Deep-dive workshops and tools-driven discovery for Kubernetes operations.

  • Kubernetes core architecture
  • Cluster components 
  • Networking, Compute, & Storage 
  • Cloud infrastructure 
  • Cluster maintenance


Well-architected security with 4C’s of cloud-native security principles.

  • Image and runtime security
  • Secrets and Certificate mgmt
  • Cluster and Cloud hardening
  • RBAC and Single SignOn
  • Security policy and governance

HA and Disaster Recovery

Check for built-in resiliency so that cluster can sustain operations despite disruptions.  

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery architecture
  • Failover and High Availability


Examine network policies for consistent, secure, and dependable performance.

  • CNI Plugins (awsvpc, flannel, Calico, etc.)
  • Cluster networking architecture
  • Service Discovery, DNS, Ingress
  • Service Mesh


Scan K8s applications for persistent storage to avoid disruption and stabilize system.

  • Container storage interface
  • PVC and storage classes
  • Storage architecture

CICD and Automation

Inspect the delivery cycle to establish a more robust CI/CD pipeline.

  • Container image build and registries
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • GitOps review 
  • Rollout and Rollback strategy

Monitoring and Logging

Test monitoring and logging systems for real-time debugging and lifecycle management.

  • Logging, Metrics, and Alerting
  • Review alerting architecture
  • Metrics Storage and Dashboards

Scalability and Performance

Make active architectural decisions and ensure cluster scale and deliver performance.

  • Autoscaling
  • Workload scaling
  • Cluster scaling

Cost Optimization

Assess unit economics with FinOps principles for cost management.

  • Assess cost with tool
  • Proper resource labeling
  • Choose right cloud instances
  • Proactive resource management

Our Approach

Engagement Details

Key Highlights
  • Successive Kubernetes SMEs will work your key stakeholders in engineering, operations and development groups through discovery workshops to understand your current state, business goals, and requirements for your target state Kubernetes architecture.
  • We will dive deep into core architecture, operational, security, reliability, sustainability and performance pillars to make sure your k8s deployments are well-architected.
  • Collect current spend metrics and cost savings goals. Gather security and compliance requirements if any.
  • Deep dive workshops and tools to perform discovery and capture data across various k8s components.
  • Develop comprehensive report to outline, High, Medium Low findings with actionable recommendations to get to a Well-Architected state.
Key Outcomes
  • Mitigate risks: Improved overall Kubernetes architecture and security posture by mitigating high and medium security issues before they impact your business.
  • Build and deliver faster: By reducing manual deployments, capacity management and by using automation CICD pipeline or GitOps, you can experiment and release software faster.
  • Learn K8s Best Practices: Make sure your teams are aware of best strategies & best practices for architecting Kubernetes that we have gained through reviewing many k8s architectures.
  • Well Architected Report: Kubernetes Well Architected report with High, Medium Low findings with actionable recommendations to get to a Well-Architected state.

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Team with Diverse Set of Kubernetes Expertise

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When a kubernetes environment has everything it needs to serve traffic to real end users without human assistance, we consider it "production-ready."

A comprehensive assessment or evaluation of various components of kubernetes architecture, such as Scalability, Resource Management, Health Checks, Rollout & Rollback, Monitor & Log, Security, Configuration Management, Graceful Shutdown, and Backup & Disaster Recovery, allows you to identify misconfigurations within your system and remediation of that allows you achieve desired Kubernetes state.