Business Objective

Business Objective

We collaborated with one of the world's leading advertising and media companies to help them streamline their collection of applications and deliver a one-stop solution to their content management style. The company required a streamlined content management system that reduced manual dependency and provided a robust storage system for static data. Finding a CMS solution that worked across all their applications was our primary concern.

Business Challenge

Static Data Management

The company followed a manual workflow that depended heavily on the development team. Easy tasks were made complex and the margin for error was high.

Tons of Applications

The applications stacks were more than just a handful. Managing content for each application, independently, was difficult and impractical.

Non-Traditional CMS

The answer was not in traditional content management systems like Wordpress. They didn’t allow the right amount of flexibility and had restricted UI to work on.


Business Solution

Understanding our client’s immediate demands, we developed a step-by-step solution. Via an open-source CMS platform - Strapi, we curated a centralized system to store and manage data across applications. Caching was also an issue to which we used Redis Cache to reduce the data latency of static data. A fallback solution was also delivered rendering the entire ecosystem of the CMS system secure and fast-paced.

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