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Supporting Digital Evolution In Maritime Operations With Tailored Application Solutions

Supporting Digital Evolution In Maritime Operations With Tailored Application Solutions

Successive helps maritime companies connect siloed applications, systems, and data securely to enable faster decision-making and standards based regulatory compliance. Our cloud-based and data-driven solutions enable software advancements within the maritime industry and allow you to efficiently manage various aspects of shipping operations, including vessel tracking, voyage itinerary planning, port operations, route optimization, and fleet management.

With hands-on experience developing custom-built and advanced maritime solutions, we accelerate the digital transformation of UI/UX dashboards, application development and deployment, business analytics, and complete application and infrastructure management for better efficiency, scalability, and performance. 

Our developed maritime management solution combines intelligent automation, advanced AI, and interoperability mechanisms that provide real-time interdepartmental interactions. Our applications and solutions are leveraged by leading maritime companies to transform their business towards greater sustainability and increase operational profits.

Custom Maritime Product Engineering Capabilities We Have

Add unparalleled value to your fleet management by developing and integrating digital solutions tailored to meet the company’s and user’s needs. Leverage our technical expertise and business acumen to create and manage maritime applications and optimize workflow for a single or group of your vessels or entire fleet.

Maritime Applications

Maritime Applications

We offer tailored software solutions designed to meet the unique needs of maritime solution providers, platform owners, and ship owners. Our solution consultant helps you customize applications with unique workflow requirements. We develop both web and mobile applications to support office and remote maritime requirements.

Data Interface

Data Interface

Develop a data interface that captures real-time data from sensors, devices, and software to collect, process, and analyze data for real-time tracking visibility and improved operations. Our assistance will help you adopt technologies that increase the accuracy of data logging and automate the mind-numbing labor required to manually record data into internal systems.

Advanced Informatics

Advanced Informatics

Improve maritime competitiveness by optimizing existing business processes with advanced informatics. We help you develop a voyage monitoring platform that supports query processing, interactive visualization, and advanced analytics to find and predict correlations across your fleet and maritime data.

API & Integration

API & Integration

Develop and integrate custom APIs to facilitate communication between legacy maritime systems and advanced external applications. API development and integration enable you to create a cohesive experience for all maritime stakeholders by integrating disparate systems, data applications, and platforms and creating a unified maritime ecosystem that supports modern customer experience quickly and securely.

Onboard Mobility

Onboard Mobility

Introduce digital options at each step of shipping management that automate and operationalize work order processing, record keeping, invoicing, and reporting. Successive can help you develop applications that replace paper-based work with interacting and intuitive digital experiences, enable people to record information on-site, and remove time-consuming work.

ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

Introduce streamlined processes with our ERP solution development tailored to meet the specific needs of the maritime industry. Seamlessly integrate operations, optimize resources, and gain real-time insights for enhanced efficiency and fiscal prudence. Our developed solution helps you navigate the complexities of ships and shore operations with confidence.

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Unite The Digital Journey Between Ship And Shore With Maritime Management Solutions

1Fleet Management

See a broader picture of your vessel or enter fleet operations with a fleet management solution. Make it a single source of truth for all operations and data-related queries and drive more business value from digital processes.

2Weather Routing

Integrate weather data from leading National Weather data providers, visualize impacts utilizing robust weather mapping services, and enable users to access up-to-the-minute weather information to ensure safe and efficient vessel operations, hazard avoidance, and voyage optimization during route planning and execution.

3Traffic Pattern

Optimize maritime operations with tailored analytics that support efficient vessel traffic tracking and docking port availability. Integrate nuanced reports detailing historical port traffic to minimize bottlenecks and inform route planning and scheduling.

4Situational Awareness

Empower ship operators with real-time monitoring from diverse sources, including vessel traffic, weather, and sea conditions. Our comprehensive data analysis enhances situational awareness. Receive automatic emergency alerts for prompt response, ensuring safety and efficiency at sea.

5Emission Monitoring

Combat environmental challenges and achieve sustainability goals with our innovative emission reduction software. Monitor and optimize fuel consumption, implement eco-friendly practices, and reduce carbon footprint to contribute to a greener maritime industry.

6Fuel Consumption

Track the fuel consumed by vessels or machinery over a specific period to optimize fuel efficiency, identify trends, and detect anomalies in consumption patterns. A fuel consumption monitoring solution helps with cost control, environmental compliance, and operational efficiency. 

7Predictive Maintenance

Establish a robust decision-making framework with predictive maintenance solutions. Optimize vessel performance with industry-standard analytics and customizable reports powered by intelligent tools to scan, monitor, and showcase real-time data trends on your vessels.

8Threat Detection

Enhance maritime safety with precision threat detection systems. Our tailored solutions leverage cutting-edge IoT-based sensors to identify potential threats, ensuring personnel safety and vessel protection. Receive detailed alerts for proactive response to potential hazards, even in low-light conditions.

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Our Solution-Oriented Approach To Bring Maritime Solutions To Life

While excelling in copious application development fields, Successive holds a niche specialization in the maritime industry.


Understanding Client Needs

  • In-depth consultations
  • Identify business objectives
  • Address pain points


Strategic Planning and Analysis

  • Develop a comprehensive roadmap.
  • Outline the project scope, milestones, and deliverables
  • A thorough analysis of existing systems, processes, and technologies
  • Identify areas for improvement and innovation


Iterative Prototyping and Feedback

  • Rapid prototype and iterations.
  • Solicit feedback from stakeholders.


Customized Solution Design

  • Design user-centric interfaces
  • Customized workflows


Robust Development and Testing

  • Develop robust, scalable, and secure solutions.
  • Rigorous testing
  • Compliance management


Continuous Support and Improvement

  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Continuous monitoring

Success Stories

Global Industry Evolution Through Innovation

We've earned expertise across various industries and offer our customers valuable insights and beneficial solutions.



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Logistics & Distribution

Logistics & Distribution

Enhancing end-to-end user journey of supply chain and logistics with digital transformation and technology solutions, increasing application navigation, availability, and user experience.

Media & Communication

Media & Communication

Developing intelligent and automated media and advertising platforms delivering hyper-personalized experiences and efficiency to achieve evolving business needs.

Retail & Commerce

Retail & Commerce

Driving transformation and growth within retail and commerce with an integrated set of disruptive technologies like mobility, big data, security, AI, AR & VR, and cloud.

Travel and Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality

Bringing richer experiences to travel and hospitality applications through instilling automation in different aspects of travel and hospitality business.

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