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With Successive as your BigCommerce migration partner, you can effortlessly switch to BigCommerce and scale your ecommerce store as your business grows.

BigCommerce is one of the best platforms for growing ecommerce businesses.

But migrating to a new platform can often take months, and still go wrong in so many ways.

And while there are tools that can help with parts of the process, there’s no single solution that can help you move platforms painlessly. Staying on a legacy ecommerce platform has its own challenges — the wrong platform can be costly, inflexible, and can stall your growth. Successive Technologies can help. As your trusted BigCommerce migration partner, we can help you steer clear of common platform migration pitfalls and go to market faster with a fully fledged BigCommerce store. With our team of BigCommerce migration experts in charge of your migration, you can effectively leverage the powerful features and functionality of BigCommerce’s versatile platform, boost your sales, and minimize churn. If you’re looking for the best agency for BigCommerce migration, give us a call.


Our BigCommerce Migration Services

Successive’s team of BigCommerce migration experts has managed advanced migration projects for clients across industries and platforms, including Magento to BigCommerce migration, Shopify to BigCommerce migration, and more. Our end-to-end BigCommerce migration services ensure that all of your current data is migrated safely with no negative impact to your SEO — while your store remains fully available to customers. These are some of the BigCommerce migration services we offer.

What You Get

BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform that’s suitable for all types of businesses. It boasts an extensive set of features for ecommerce stores including shopping cart software, shipping options, tax calculators, payment processing, order tracking, analytics tools, and more. Our team of BigCommerce migration experts at Successive can help you customize your BigCommerce store so that you also get any other features that you might need.


Quick Launch

While migrating to a new ecommerce platform is not a fast process in general, migrating to BigCommerce is faster than migrating to other platforms, which can take several months.

High Customizability

BigCommerce offers over 250 product listing options as well as bulk editing of product categories. With easily editable templates, you can customize your categories and pages exactly how you want.

Greater Flexibility

Migrating to a SaaS-based platform helps reduce total cost of ownership and increase agility. Any upgrades and maintenance is taken care of by developers, so you can focus on your business.

Easy to Scale

BigCommerce is built for growth. Features like dedicated SSL, one-page checkout, multiple languages and currencies, and merchandising tools allow you to easily scale your store as your business grows.

Better Reach

Robust marketing tools — such as built-in social media tools, email marketing integrations, and SEO features — make it easy for you to reach a wider audience and convert more customers.

Powerful Security

BigCommerce is PCI-compliant and offers robust security through password encryption, SSL certification, fraud protection, etc. It also has an in-house security team constantly monitoring emerging security threats.

Impressive SEO Features

Through accelerated mobile pages, Google-friendly URLs, and easy redirects, BigCommerce ensures that you can maximize traffic to your ecommerce store.

Apps & Integrations

The BigCommerce app marketplace is home to over 1,100 apps across categories like analytics and reporting, catalog and order management, marketing, payments and security, and more.

Dedicated Support

BigCommerce offers customer support to help brands troubleshoot issues, identify new opportunities, and unlock the full potential of their ecommerce stores.

Why Successive

Migrating to a new e-commerce platform is a mammoth undertaking. Its impact extends across a number of areas such as your store’s functionality, design, SEO, and more. To migrate with BigCommerce successfully and avoid costly mistakes, you need to rely on the help of an experienced and knowledgeable BigCommerce migration partner

Successive Technologies is a BigCommerce Agency Partner with 2 years of experience delivering BigCommerce solutions. As your BigCommerce migration partner, we can help ensure that your migration is as smooth and straightforward as possible. 

We do this by making sure we document your business requirements, customer experience goals, as well as technical requirements thoroughly. We exhaustively plan the entire migration process, ensuring that you have enough time to understand all the moving parts and work out any kinks in the plan. 

And, we believe, this is what makes us one of the best agencies for BigCommerce migration. By taking a systematic approach, we help you mitigate risks and maximize the value you get from your BigCommerce store.

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Our BigCommerce Migration Process

We believe that effective preparation makes the difference between a seamless migration and a complete failure. To that end, we perform extensive due diligence, create detailed plans, and rely on our experience and expertise to guide us. Here are the stages of migration we follow:


Take Backups

Before we make any changes to your store, we back up any customer, order, and product data, exporting it from your existing platform to a database file.


Define a Schedule

Next, we detail the steps to follow across each stage of migration, including development, data migration, testing, and launch.


Perform the Migration

Then, we begin the actual migration process, importing your product catalog and customer data into BigCommerce.


Thorough Testing

We test each aspect of your data to make sure it was transferred without any errors. We also set up your payment gateway, shipping and tax settings.


Make the Switch

Finally, it’s time to start directing visitors to your new BigCommerce store by verifying your domain, creating 301 redirects, and submitting your new sitemap.

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