Business Objective

Business Objective

Macro Plate, an effortless solution to meal planning and dieting, helps thousands of people across the United States with an opportunity to find personalized meal options 365 days of the year via a comprehensive on-demand food delivery app. Although a million-dollar idea, the technology required to propel it forward towards growth with more subscriptions and revenue was incomplete. From a majority of tasks being implemented manually to a sluggish website with a stunted user experience, there was a lot to uncover, unscrew and redo to develop a successful customized food ordering app.

Business Challenge

Manual Management

The company relied heavily on manual processes and a fundamental automation change had to be established, which meant revamping the entire system from tip to toe.

Imperceptive User Interface

The existing system that functioned planning and customizations was sluggish and lacked a fast and responsive flow which irritated the user and led to faster bounces.

Unstable Privacy Measures

There were no streamlined privacy measures in place to help protect user data and their interaction with the web application, which was a greater risk than any.


Business Solution

The technological problems for the healthy food ordering app required a multi-dimensional approach. Where, on the one hand, we prepared an engaging UI/UX design that allowed users to customize their meal plans and create their own personalized profile, on the other hand, we also focused on the backend technology and amended better and more secure payment systems, tracking technology and monitoring techniques among others.

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