Business Objective

Business Objective

Nokia, a technology mogul, appointed Successive Technologies to build a UI-based SAAS platform that allowed the telecommunication entities partnered with Nokia to visualize their network’s usage via a comprehensive dashboard backed with a data architecture. Nokia calls this digital transformation the VSD Framework.

Business Challenge

Decrypting data in the millions

The influx of data was more than massive and decrypting, studying, and streamlining it into a robust system demanded quick actions and sturdy systems.

Complex Graphical Representations

Nokia wanted to enable its clients with the ability to function sophisticated graphical representations to study complex data, which was a challenge to construct at that time.

Coordinating and Implementing

Coordinating with executives, data scientists, and employees across multiple levels, seeking approvals, and implementing every step was a strenuous task pulling down on productivity.


Business Solution

Successive Technologies deciphered key challenges associated with the framework, including disruptive distribution of data and an existing obtuse user interface design, and employed leading D3Js, React, and Material UI, among other software to build user-driven, brand-oriented, UI dashboards and visualizers. An automated programmable Network Topology with a multi-cloud strategy was put in place that delivered immersive results and revitalized business performance through an engaging platform that pulled more prospects for Nokia.

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