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Build fully immersive virtual experiences with augmented reality development services. Our augmented reality solutions are tailored according to niche business needs.

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Seamlessly Blend The Digital And Physical World With Augmented Reality And Provide Better Way Of Engagement

Successive develops augmented reality applications of any scale and complexity. We specialize in markerless, marker-based, and location-based augmented reality application development. To build highly interactive and feature-rich AR apps, we combine the most advanced tools and technical capabilities, enabling us to develop AR solutions a business needs to provide realistic experiences of the products or offerings. Our developed augmented reality solutions offer the most natural look to AR items that enable companies to create unforgettable user experiences to enhance brand image and improve conversions. Our AR specialist also has the know-how to integrate AR with other advanced technologies such as VR, MR, and IoT to deliver an even more fascinating user experience.

Seamlessly Blend The Digital And Physical World With Augmented Reality And Provide Better Way Of Engagement

Our Augmented Reality Development Services

As our team keeps itself abreast of the latest developments, trends, and tools, we develop AR apps and solutions that support a range of devices, including iPhone, Android, HoloLens, and smart glasses. By leveraging the expertise of our AR developers, we help companies digitize processes never seen before for operational efficiency and a boost in revenue.

AR Consulting

We help clients comprehend the endless possibilities AR could have on their business with the help of our experienced consultants. Based on that, we assist them in validating the idea of applying AR technologies within a range of business verticals and setting specific project requirements for desired outcomes.

AR Design

Successive has award-winning UX/UI designers and 3D modeling and animation experts in-house. With their help, we commit to building and implementing the most realistic 3D objects and virtual content in AR apps that are unique, creative, impactful, and in line with the latest trends.

AR Development

We leverage platform capabilities such as markers, object recognition, image tracking, mobile camera, sensors, and maps to render AR development services for your business. Our solution also comprises developing algorithms that you need for your AR app to overlap perfectly over the scene while merging virtual and real images.

AR Testing

We experience that developing and testing an AR app differs from other app testing processes. Keeping intricacies in mind, our professionals perform comprehensive testing, such as assessing the app in different environments, under different lighting conditions, internet connection, vibration, visual and motion data mismatch, and memory and battery consumption.

AR Integration

Whether we develop the app from scratch or help you enhance and enrich the functionality of your AR application, we support AR integration solutions. Our AR integration services seamlessly merge AR apps’ capabilities with third-party services such as geolocation and within your existing business solutions.

IoT and Data Visualization

Successive helps companies enable AR visualizations for IoT systems and the data it produces to give users better clarity of the system and the environment. No matter whether you want the visualization of IoT for households or industrial settings, our b2b and b2c consultants help to adopt users’ needs promptly.

Benefits Of Our AR Development Services

We are a complete software development company that has served more than thousands of clients across industries around the world. We leverage our extensive experience, best methods, and processes from consulting and planning to actual software development, deployment, and support in every AR project as well.

Continuous Training

With a progressive approach and mindset, we ensure our engineers receive continuous training on new tools and technologies to grab evolving roles and responsibilities required to respond to emerging trends in augmented reality apps and solutions. You leverage only the best skills, mindset, and experience from us.

Standardized Process

Successive has adopted standardized processes for continuous feedback and communication that help us proactively respond to users’ needs. Our team ensures the deliverables are quick but high-quality, reliable, and resilient, which you need to enrich digital users.

24x7 Support

We understand how critical augmented reality applications are for your business and the impact they could have on revenue and brand value. Therefore, our team of engineers is available 24x7 to support the companies regarding any inconsistencies the developed application experiences.

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Successive Digital is a leading digital transformation company that delivers innovative and disruptive solutions to empower your digital presence. Leveraging the latest technology stacks, our expert developers create scalable and versatile softwares–where all your business operations can collaborate to provide a lasting experience to your customers.

Why Choose Successive Digital As Your AR Development Company?

We anticipated the massive adoption of augmented reality technology for a number of use cases across households and industrial settings. Having our forward-thinking abilities, we have enabled and empowered our engineers to possess skills to adapt the functionality contained within the AR development kits and SDKs so that we can develop and deliver the most advanced requirements of a particular AR app. Let our team help you develop AR solutions and applications for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), whether you come from retail, eCommerce, education, marketing, or manufacturing.

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Augmented reality development services include all the steps involved in developing a software application but also have advanced SDKs and tools to enable the virtualization of a place through smart devices. It is not just about developing an application but also about creating unforgettable user experiences.

As AR apps can simulate 3D-like visuals via a mobile device, AR solutions have been leveraged by retailers and eCommerce sites for visualizing home items, virtual fitting rooms, accessing product information in stores, and creating a complete virtual augmented reality store for offering to fit on products virtually.

The cost of an AR development solution majorly revolves around the integration charges, complexity of features, and the number of days it took to build and implement, the platform be it iOS or Android, you want to render the solution, and the developer's location.