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Mobile QA Automation & Testing Services for Swift Results and Improved ROI

Ship your mobile app faster and more confidently with our mobile QA automation and testing services. Get better test coverage and more frequent testing at a lower cost.

Manual testing is time-consuming and doesn’t always ensure granular test coverage.

Catch defects and launch your app faster with Successive’s QA automation and testing services.

Successive offers QA automation services that span across functional, performance, security, and compatibility testing. Our automation engineers help you increase testing efficiency, eliminate human error, and take your app to market quickly.

We use proven frameworks and best-of-breed tools to deliver our QA testing services, ensuring extensive market coverage and unparalleled value to our customers. We also collaborate extensively with stakeholders across specializations: designers, developers, business analysts, etc, so that we can use their diverse insights to make your mobile app better.


Our Mobile QA Automation Services

Successive offers end-to-end QA automation services, from strategy through to execution, as well as maintenance and support. Test your native, mobile web, and hybrid applications across a wide range of requirements.

Benefits of Successive’s QA Automation Services

Get apps that work seamlessly on every mobile platform, OS version, and device type with Successive as your mobile QA automation company.


Expert Testers

Our automation engineers are experts in identifying and automating time-consuming manual tests to better support your business objectives.

Comprehensive Test Coverage

Our engineers test using both real devices and emulators, ensuring coverage for a range of different devices, browsers, OSs, networks, and geographies.

Industry-standard Tools

We use a mix of the latest open-source and proprietary automation tools to ensure you get the best and most cost-effective solutions for your needs.

Shorter Time to Market

Speed up feedback collection, shorten development cycles, and reach your customers earlier with high quality, defect-free mobile apps.

Minimize Human Error

Get reliable results every time. Manual testing can result in test cases being overlooked, but with automated testing services, there’s no such risk.

Greater Efficiency

Accelerate feedback cycles by running tests non-stop or simultaneously, as needed. Execute tests for multiple platforms at the same time.

Optimized Resource Utilization

Automation testing helps free up staff for other activities and speeds up testing cycles. Reuse of test scripts also helps save time and costs.

Better User Experience

With our QA automation services, your mobile apps stay fast, secure, and performant, delivering delightful user experiences to your end customers.

Higher Revenue

Not only do you save on testing costs by speeding up testing, but your mobile apps also work better across platforms, earning you higher revenue.

Why Successive

As a leading mobile QA automation company, Successive is home to experts who have gained valuable experience through delivering a large number of mobile testing engagements. We’re familiar with the challenges faced by brands in different industries, and have all the specialized skill sets an enterprise like yours might need. By choosing our automated testing services, you can avoid common mistakes and plan effectively for industry-specific security risks and compliance requirements. 

In Successive, you get a team that’s responsive to your needs. We understand that change happens, and we work with you to accommodate shifts in requirements while still meeting your budget and timeline goals. If you’re looking to achieve success in a dynamic market, Successive is the QA automation company you should partner with.

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How We Deliver QA Testing Services

We use a clearly defined process for delivering automated testing services. This can be broken down into the following key phases.



We assess your application and understand your business requirements. After advising you on the different types and levels of tests possible, we devise an automation strategy that maximizes test coverage. We then plan out any infrastructure requirements this may entail.



We select and configure a suitable set of tools for delivering automated testing services. Alternatively, we create a custom test automation framework for you.



We then create test scenarios and cases, and write and execute test scripts as per the scope outlined during the previous stages.



We create a workflow for reporting — reports can be generated in the format of choice, or integrated with tools like Jira for easy management.

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