Stride, Inc. is one of the leading educational companies transforming millions of people’s teaching and learning experiences. They offer innovative, top-notch, technology-driven educational solutions and comprehensive programs tailored to students, schools, military institutions, and enterprises across primary, secondary, and postsecondary levels. They wanted to ensure an engaging and intelligent learning, teaching, and assessment experience on its platforms. They aim to leverage specialized AI to enhance personalization, adaptability, and effectiveness in education.

Business Requirements

Develop Generative AI based Tutor

Customer wanted to create Generative based Conversational AI tutor to guide K-12 students through academic coursework and degree programs. AI tutor will impart knowledge and engage in natural language conversations, enhancing student engagement across various devices.

AI Driven Academic Excellence

Customer wanted to adopt an AI driven approach, creating an academic culture that leverages Generative AI to enhance the overall educational experience for their students.

Optimized 24/7 Support Process

Stride recognizes the need for constraints in availability to manage a substantial volume of student inquiries effectively.



Successive Digital upgraded the education mechanism of Stride by developing a Generative AI-based conversational Tutor, offering SME guidance through our Generative AI COE. Built on AWS infrastructure and GPT 4 Large Language Model (LLM), after fine tuning the model and customer prompt engineering, the developed specialized AI Tutor supports dynamic conversational tutoring. AI Tutor, embodying historical data and literary characters, redefines the learning experience. The application engages students in advanced activities, fostering analytical thinking through group discussions and writing exercises. The subscription-based model provides access to the AI bot and Learning Hub, offering on-demand human support and discounted tutoring. The AI support bot enhances critical thinking, providing detailed feedback to improve skills. The developed application serves as an AI assistant, organizing human tutoring sessions and generating progress reports for stakeholders, ensuring a holistic educational journey, explaining complex concepts, guiding in research and citations, solving math problems with step by step explanation, and helping with homework in a Socratic manner.

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