Business Objective

Business Objective

One of the leading Drupal hosting providers in the UK wanted to leverage cloud-native architecture to enable a digital strategy that supports faster go-to-market and better operational efficiencies. The client wanted to enable more dynamic and granular scalability for managing applications and supporting their performance requirements while consuming existing infrastructure effectively and utilizing available resources instead of paying more for cloud services.

Business Challenges

Management Complexity

The client faced challenges in managing numerous websites and content hosted on the web platform built with PHP and JavaScript as the number of websites and content grew.

Scale and Stability

The client’s current infrastructure struggled to handle the increasing demands of traffic, resulting in potential performance bottlenecks, downtime, or reduced user experience.

Performance Inefficiencies

There were performance inefficiencies in the deployed setup as the EC2 used to spin up in minutes. Henceforth, slow scaling of the infrastructure negatively impacts the user experience.


Business Solution

Successive Digital helped the client set up a robust in-house infrastructure to support seamless migration with great familiarity in designing, deploying, and operating large Kubernetes clusters. The client leveraged greater portability with container-based architecture and became able to provision required resources in seconds to meet scaling requirements. We configured load balancers on 500+ nodes, 14000+ pods, and 50000+ container services to expose Kubernetes workloads for better performance and availability. We also helped them meet operational and system administration costs by unifying deployment processes, setting up self-healing pods and centralizing monitoring and logging metrics. It provided them with better visibility over resource utilization and service health. All the infrastructure was deployed following the best practices, including Terraform, which enhanced the developer's productivity and reduced errors.

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