Business Objective

Business Objective

As the fastest-growing self-storage facility provider, the client aims to develop an integrated cloud-based work order system and kiosk interface to more effectively manage work scheduling and work execution. They wanted to utilize mobile capabilities and attain end-to-end analytics to keep track of financial and operational data trends. They wanted to monetize SaaS solutions being developed for order management for their self-storage facilities.

Business Challenges

Work Order Management

The client wanted to embed its multi-location self-storage facilities with digital solutions by enabling automated work orders or no-paperwork-based work order management while establishing a compliant environment.

Multi-location Facility Management

They wanted to bring automation in facility management processes and standardization throughout their multi-locations for maintenance, repairs, and space utilization and ensure a conducive working environment.

Technology Adoption

They needed expert consulting and guidance to decide and adopt technologies that align with their company’s needs and support smooth operations for work order tracking, facility management, and seamless omnichannel experience.


Business Solution

The Successive team has brought simplicity to the complex work order and facility management processes. The SaaS-based work order management system was developed and presented as Super Admin Web Application (for the client and its personnel), Client-Side Web Application (for vendor’s admins), and Client-Side Mobile Application (for vendor’s personnel). The applications were developed and distributed in several modules and microservices, facilitating efficiency in managing and maintaining different business processes and operations such as Company Management, User Management, Facility Management, Work Order Management (overview of work order, cron jobs for automatic system maintenance, vendor management, notifications, manage Kiosk, and other settings.) These robust applications were developed and deployed on Azure Kubernetes Services, streamlined experience, and enabled centralized manageability.

Success Stories

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