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Smart and intelligent HR management solutions that automate day-to-day HR tasks, provide actionable insights for better workforce management, and help you achieve your company’s overall strategic goals.

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Align Your Company’s People Strategy To Catalyse Business Growth By Creating A Culture Of Innovation And Keeping Up With Emerging Technologies

Leveraging the right combination of advanced technologies and transformative enterprise capabilities, Successive Digital connected HRMS software development enables a unified platform for the entire employee lifecycle. An all-in-one digital solution caters to critical touchpoints of core HR, including personalization of employee experience and intelligent automation. 

Leverage most of our purpose-built solutions for next-gen HR management that extends the benefits of solving complex business problems such as higher attrition and lower employee satisfaction. We develop a robust human resource management system that enables you to respond to your needs in real time with intelligent chatbots, maintaining transparent communication, delivering individualized assistance, automating routine workflows, and performing analytics. 

Align Your Company’s People Strategy To Catalyse Business Growth By Creating A Culture Of Innovation And Keeping Up With Emerging Technologies

Features Of Our Human Resource Management Solution

Successive provides next-gen HRM feature development to increase competitiveness in the SaaS HR software market and reduce product development costs and risks.

Recruitment and Onboarding

We simplify the most chaotic HR operations with our intelligent and fully-digital recruitment and candidate onboarding system. Our future-ready innovative recruitment process includes specialized tools to organize job postings, talent acquisition, and candidate profile management from one single channel.

Talent Management

Adapting to pre-defined and custom performance evaluation parameters, Successive HRM delivers hyper-personalized talent management solutions purposely curated for every employee’s development. Our successive planning tool helps the workforce get a transparent view of their organizational growth and a guided planning module.

Core HR and Payroll

Enabling HR process harmonization across the enterprise with flexible and simplified service delivery. Our system keeps up with the changing global HR practices, such as competitive payrolls and improved employee lifecycle management. The software also extends built-in organizational design and employee hierarchy features.

Leave and Attendance

Integrated with preconfigured enterprise leave and attendance policies with centralized rule-based access to actions and control module. Successive HRM also offers seamless WFM management and location-based real-time attendance tracking data to make better decisions for payroll systems and employee benefits.

Performance and Awards

Performance visualization dashboard coupled with analytics to produce automated recommendations for workforce recognitions. Companies can also leverage options to pre-define performance KPIs specific to employee grades. Our HR solution also automates variable bonus programs based on performance archives and personal achievements.

Engagement and Helpdesk

Successive Digital HRM provides 24*7 smart chatbots and an intuitive self-service helpdesk to improve employee experience with HR teams. The system also extends SLA-driven ticket management for timely redressal of in-office and out-office challenges. Companies can also create instant feedback requests and generate custom surveys for better planning.

Benefits of Our Human Resource Management System Development Service


With our virtual forum, we help you share company news, updates, achievements, and stories. Dedicated social network to share life at the office and open conversation on culture. Celebrate company wins and team efforts with easy-to-schedule smart emailers. Promote a healthy knowledge-sharing community with peer-to-peer learning modules.


With frequent digital recognition and on-spot awards via online certificates and gift coupons, we help you foster motivation through HRMS. Extensive online reward and merchandise catalog to choose gifts. Integrated social media recognition and new employee welcome posts.


We help you maximize savings with self-service tax management and reimbursements. Provide access to short-term cash needs requests and special financial assistance. Schedule employee health check-ups and yearly health plan management. Set up online HR consultation and employee engagement activities.

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Successive Digital is a leading digital transformation company that delivers innovative and disruptive solutions to empower your digital presence. Leveraging the latest technology stacks, our expert developers create scalable and versatile softwares–where all your business operations can collaborate to provide a lasting experience to your customers.

Why is Successive Digital a Trusted HRM Solution Provider?

The 21st-century economy is full of emerging technologies to explore. Successful organizations are leveraging innovative human resources systems to take care of their employees, who can then care for their customers. Successive’s tech-enabled HRM software frees HR managers from the burden of time and resource-draining responsibilities. Our solutions, built using technical acumen empower your HR teams and enable them to leverage endless possibilities to digitize their operations and increase employee experience. With speed to deploy and convenience to adopt, our HRM enables employee information at the fingertips and improves the organization's bottom line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The decision to develop an HRMS in-house or purchase an existing one depends on various factors such as budget, time constraints, technical expertise, and specific organizational requirements. Developing an HRMS from scratch requires significant resources, including skilled developers, project management, and ongoing maintenance. On the other hand, purchasing an existing HRMS can offer faster implementation, ongoing support, and regular updates.

A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a software solution designed to manage and automate various HR functions within an organization. It typically includes modules for employee data management, recruitment, performance management, payroll processing, benefits administration, training and development, time and attendance tracking, and more.

Developing an HRMS can offer several benefits to organizations, like streamlined HR processes, centralized employee data and improved data accuracy. An HRMS often includes self-service portals, allowing employees to access their information, update personal details, and request time off, reducing administrative workload.