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Robust Ecommerce Design Services To Leave Your Customers Spellbound

Experience the marriage of stunning design and seamless usability to form outstanding user experiences—with your customers at the center of it all.

Treating web design as visual garnish will frustrate your customers and push them away.

Don’t make this mistake. Work with us to take web design to the next level, and build unparalleled user experiences—so while your competitors struggle, you enthrall.

Poor website design and uninspired user experiences don’t just leave a bad taste in the mouth—they’ve flattened digital businesses in the past. Even then, many ecommerce companies continue to undermine UX and, by association, the intelligence of their users. Such an approach to ecommerce design can be condensed into three words—intrusive, irritating, and ignorant. At Successive, we believe that serious ecommerce businesses can leave competitors in their wake by simply putting their users first in the design process. With vast experience as an ecommerce design agency, our highly creative and qualified team can help build digital user experiences that will sweep your customers off their feet.


Our Ecommerce Design Services

In the ecommerce industry, digital maturity is a necessity to serve rapidly evolving customer demands and expanding global audiences. To achieve this, online businesses must move beyond aesthetics and focus on building foundationally strong user experiences. With our range of user experience and design services, we help you build a creative strategy for ecommerce that bridges the gap between your business goals, and those of your customers.


Customer Experience Consulting

Our CX veterans chart out an optimal web design strategy, from research and planning to deployment and scaling your online store.


UI/UX Audit

We identify design challenges and receive actionable insight through a data-led design audit of your digital store, founded on the analysis of business-critical metrics.


User Research and Analysis

With a user-centric approach to ecommerce design, we bring out insights about your audiences through behavioral, qualitative, quantitative, and attitudinal research and analysis methodologies.


Custom Web Design

We plan and create bespoke designs for your digital store, accounting for advanced usability, functionality, and SEO—so that your business stands out every time.


Mobile App Design

We help you leverage m-commerce through intuitive design and seamless usability of your ecommerce mobile app, so you can deliver exceptional experiences to your customers.


Usability Testing

Our team plans, shapes, and analyzes your website or app’s usability through proven methods like guerilla testing, contextual inquiry, card sorting, and others.



We take our design ideas from paper to digital by building prototypes and testing them on users, leaving no stone unturned in optimizing your digital store.


Analytics and Reporting

Using advanced ecommerce analytics and heatmapping tools, we bolster design thinking with data, reporting on metrics vital to the success and growth of your business.



Beyond the implementation of our ecommerce website design solution, we provide 24/7 support for your needs. We also train your team in UI/UX best practices.

What You Get

Building strong user experiences is challenging. Growing ecommerce businesses cannot afford to start solving these challenges at the cost of growth. This is where we step in. As an ecommerce design agency, we’ve built a team of experienced and creative problem solvers who transcend simple design solutions. Instead, we leverage our design mastery to build digital experiences that translate to valuable business outcomes.


Authoritative Expertise and Knowledge

Our highly qualified team isn’t just good at what it does—we’re setting precedents and delighting clients through our deep domain expertise and effective knowledge application.

Extensive Range of Services

From a way forward to a fully customized creative solution, our wide range of services have got you covered. Interested? Give us a call today!

Outcome-Oriented Processes

All’s well that ends well. Through our results-oriented approach, we’re committed to delivering ecommerce web solutions that add immense value to your ecommerce business.

Consultative Approach

Our ecommerce design services are shaped around the specific business needs of our clients. For us, cookie-cutter solutions don’t cut it—we deliver custom solutions that drive value.

Proven Track Record

To turn ecommerce web design visions your into reality, we employ the world’s leading design and testing tools like Adobe XD and InVision to create optimal digital storefronts.

Why Successive

In the ecommerce industry, UX is at the heart of customers’ on-screen decisions. Get this wrong, and you’re jeopardizing more than web traffic—you’re losing revenue and even loyalty. But get this right, and you’re looking at unprecedented customer lifetime value and growth that eclipses your loftiest of visions.

We’re here to help you achieve the latter. 

We know that building beautiful and seamless web experiences isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard. So, why trust us? From a myriad of ecommerce design agencies to choose from, here’s why Successive Technologies stands out.  

Over last five years, we have produced custom, agile and scalable design solutions for online businesses of all sizes. Our team of experienced and qualified ecommerce designers is equipped with leading-edge tools and technologies, and a deep understanding of the hand-in-glove relationship between web design and conversions. 

With your ambition and our proven calibre as an ecommerce website design company, we can build digital experiences that shine and scale!   

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Our clients come to us for best-in-class services. To deliver, we use the best-in-class software. Here are the ecommerce website design tools we use to produce striking results.


Adobe Experience Design

From simple design layout components to 3D transformation, advanced prototyping and animation, scalable design systems, and tremendous extensibility, Adobe XD’s capabilities help us help you dream bigger.



Figma empowers design thinking with powerful capabilities like Vector Networks, OpenType, Auto Layout features, a library of plugins, intuitive prototyping, and cloud support.



Code-free design, UI prototyping, extensive collaboration and feedback features, user testing and research capabilities, third party integrations, and more—advanced features in a single platform.



With ProtoPie, we easily build interactive and realistic prototypes identical to the actual digital store using code-free and device-agnostic prototyping, with the added support of integration libraries.

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Successive Technologies helps you build decoupled, headless CMS solutions that empower teams across your organization — technology, design, and marketing — to drive the best results from your digital presence. By leveraging a scalable headless CMS, create customer-focused composable experiences across technologies and devices — where all your business operations can collaborate to provide the best content and interface for your customers.

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