Utility Integrated Payment Solution Developed

An easy-to-use, comprehensive, cloud-based utility billing and collection management solution developed for the client. Reinvented utility bill management system that supports processing over 8 million payments annually, delivering over $1 billion in revenue to government clients and operating in 26 states. 

About this

About this project

Our client sought to enhance their platform's onboarding experience for municipalities, private utilities, and citizens. They aimed to offer advanced billing and collection management systems, improve citizen engagement, and provide secure, intuitive digital commerce experiences. Legacy applications hindered their progress, causing delays and operational inefficiencies. To address these issues, they planned to develop a modern web application, reducing onboarding time and empowering customers with seamless bill generation, collection management, and user-friendly features for citizens.


Cloud, Product Engineering, Customer Experience




About the client

The client is a leading provider of integrated payment and frictionless commerce solutions that help businesses accept and make payments, expedite money receipts, and increase operating efficiencies. The company processes payments across credit/debit cards, ACH, and checks, making it a top payment processing provider in the US. The client serves over 100,000 customers through over 2,000 key distribution partners focused on targeted, high-growth verticals such as healthcare, education, non-profit, government, utilities, manufacturing, and other B2B end markets.

About the client About the client


Successive Digital helped the client launch its aspiring citizen engagement and utility bill payment solution, UtilityConnect. We helped them complete digital transformation through advanced consulting and development solutions. Our experienced team helped them switch to a modern digital ecosystem backed by the AWS cloud. We helped them leverage advanced technologies and processes, including Serverless architecture, Microservices, Containerization, and DevSecOps, to reduce the time, cost, and complexity associated with creating, scaling, and managing the application.

Engaging Customer Experience Delivered

Our solution included an intuitive portal for citizens to view and pay bills digitally. We also helped the client use multilingual capabilities to enhance convenience and engagement with the platform. 


Enhanced Electronic Payment Systems

Successive Digital helped the client streamline their bill collection process by developing features for the system, such as autopay enrollment, enabled real-time payment or service-related notifications, and facilitated workflow for easier reconciliation of payment deposits. Overall, the client delivered improved digital efficiency for municipal customers.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • Successive Digital optimizes the solution development processes that reduce the error rate by 90%. 
  • The client experienced 80% increased operational efficiency with the new solutions.

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