Business Objective

Business Objective

The client consulted us with a requirement to build a multi-vendor management platform. They wanted to utilize BigCommerce's evolving and advancing eCommerce capabilities, integrate that within their existing BigCommerce store, and enable all their vendors to run their end-to-end operations from a single panel seamlessly. They wanted a one-stop solution to handle inventory, order processing, shipping, and fulfillment with minimal manual interference.

Business Challenge

Product Listing and Inventory Management

Client faced challenges with inventory management as there was absence of a centralized, automated platform. There were also issues with product listing as their existing BigCommerce store didn’t support a multi-vendor system which made it difficult for calling out vendors to list their products on their store.

Real-time Order Updates

The client faced challenges in updating the order information onto their store and reviewing changes in SKUs in real time. This posed a major challenge in operations handling and was resulting in significant losses for them.

Vendor Payment Automation

There was a gap and errors in completing vendor payments as their existing store was not synced with real-time order information. This lead to errors in reflecting the payment information for the vendors and, ultimately, delays in processing it.


Business Solution

Successive Digital understood the client's problem statement and utilized the BigCommerce platform to build a connector app. The app was integrated into the client's existing BigCommerce store to connect the store with the marketplace. During app installation, we also added webhook functionality so that all events, like add/update, on the client’s BigCommerce store get synced to the connector app. We have added a separate vendor portal allowing each vendor to manage their products. Our solution has also helped with order management and synchronization. Once the order is created in the client’s store, it gets synced back to the BigCommerce connector app, and the vendor can fulfill them to complete the order.

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