Business Objective

Business Objective

Agmatix is a leading AgriTech business that believes in the power of data-driven decision-making. With a suite of advanced machine-learning algorithms, the company excels in analyzing and interpreting extensive datasets crucial to agricultural operations. Their machine-learning algorithms enable them to analyze and interpret vast data commonly used in the agricultural industry. The company faced a significant challenge in developing an audit module for its Trial Management (TM) product. The Trial Management product offers the agritech industry a powerful solution to increase productivity and enhance the quality of field trial data. The product facilitates efficient planning, execution, and analysis of field trials, enabling businesses to accelerate product development cycles and seize market opportunities more swiftly. Moreover, the solution ensures the reliability and accuracy of trial data through comprehensive data collection, analysis, and management capabilities. With centralized and intuitive management features, agritech businesses can effectively plan, operate, analyze, and manage all field trials from one cohesive platform, eliminating manual processes and disparate systems.

Business Challenges

Audit Trail Management

Implement robust audit trail capabilities to record and track every user log in the application.

Internationalization Integration

Incorporate internationalization features to make the application accessible and user-friendly for individuals across different languages.

Usability and Functionality Improvement

Enhance the application's features and usability to meet the needs of users, making it more efficient and user-friendly.


Business Solution

To achieve this objective, Successive helped Agmatix develop the Audit Trail Module, which significantly accelerated the development of the Trial Management product. The team worked closely with product managers and ensured that agile methodologies were followed, enabling rapid responses to evolving product requirements. We facilitated the efficient translation of project requirements into tangible solutions and the seamless integration of the new team with existing ones. To facilitate internationalization, the team utilized the 'Lokalisation' tool. All the translations were imported into the device, and a script was added to Jenkins to load the various languages into the application. We added Spanish and Portuguese language support to the application. Additionally, we created a dedicated screen within the TM app, which shows the audit logs with their timestamp at the creation, the old value, the changed/updated value, the area where it is changed, and the reason for the change. All this information was in a tabular format, making it easier to understand. We also utilized AWS features like SQS, lambda function, S3, and Athena. Any changes made by the user on the UI were manipulated and stored, and a payload was created with the relevant information, which gets stored in the S3. Athena was used to query the data from the S3 onto the listing page. From the Frontend perspective, a popup was added whenever a field was updated, which prompted to enter the reason for change for that particular field. The result was the improved functionality of the Trial Management product. This enabled transparency on the platform and improved overall data management. It expanded the user base by 40% by implementing internationalization, adding Spanish and Portuguese language support, achieving a competitive advantage, and attracting new users and clients, leading to a market share increase.

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