Business Objective

Business Objective

CuraPatient partnered with Successive to modernize patient care and communication with an advanced web platform. They were experiencing downtime and long response times due to the existing code base and server configuration. Their objective was to make it easier for residents to seek medical assistance and for healthcare providers to communicate with patients and the community for covid-19 cases. By leveraging industry-leading web development technologies, they aimed to deliver a seamless and intuitive experience for users and enhance patient care and outcomes.

Business Challenge

Legacy Code

They grappled with a complex and challenging code base. Outdated development practices hindered their developers' ability to work effectively with the legacy code, hampering productivity and hindering codebase improvements.

Long Response Time

Inadequate server configuration led to frequent downtime and prolonged response times. These technical issues disrupted services, resulting in a bad user experience and decreased efficiency.

Lack of Automation

Manual scheduling processes and privacy measures caused difficulties in providing regular and efficient care for patients. The lack of automation hindered scheduling accuracy and compromised data privacy.


Business Solution

Through rapid prototyping, integrating electronic health records (EHR), and implementing remote patient monitoring, Successive Digital transformed the platform into a comprehensive healthcare solution. Our development team utilized cutting-edge technologies and a robust framework, ensuring scalability and reliability. We enabled security measures, compliance verification, and test automation to enhance product quality. Seamless payment integration further improved the user experience, making it easy and secure to make payments online.

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