Multichannel Messaging Solution To Expand Market Reach

90% faster deployment and high availability for customers with a multichannel messaging solution. Our developed solution enhanced customer engagement. 

About this

About this project

The objective was to modernize the client's messaging solution by diversifying their vendor base and upgrading their infrastructure and applications. This modernization aimed to enhance market reach and expand the user base by integrating with multiple vendors. Additionally, they sought to improve operational agility by reducing development cycles and upgrading technology, lowering maintenance and operational costs.


Product Engineering




About the client

ACL Mobile is transforming customer experience management by offering multi-channel communication solutions through SMS, Voice, Email, WhatsApp, and Notifications. Trusted by leading industry verticals such as BFSI, Fintech, E-commerce, Travel Tech, and others, ACL Mobile's solutions are recognized for their reliability and effectiveness.

About the client About the client


Multichannel Messaging App Development

Successive, leveraging technical expertise, assisted ACL in developing a robust multichannel messaging app. The team modernized Voice and SMS applications into a microservices architecture, enhancing scalability and big data query capabilities. DevOps adoption accelerated updates and releases, facilitating agile development.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Our solution seamlessly managed OBD calls, integrated GPU-based SQream for high-speed data processing, and generated real-time reports for informed decision-making. Modernizing microservices and integrating multiple IVR providers optimized cost, ensuring efficient data handling and transparency.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  1. Integrated multiple IVR servers for seamless OBD calls, maintained vertical integration for cohesive operations, and optimized platform components for continuous traffic handling.
  2. Implemented rigorous data integrity measures and enhanced application architecture to strengthen security and operational efficiency.
  3. Expanded vendor reach with enhanced compatibility, streamlining integration processes for seamless platform collaboration.

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