Developed Noxious Weed Management System

Developed a noxious plant management system for government entities to treat weeds within the county. The client achieved 250% cost savings through dynamic reports and data visualization within the application.

About this

About this project

Our client collaborated with Successive Digital to develop an all-in-one cross-platform application, ‘Invasive Plants,’ for government and private contractor entities that manage the county's noxious weed control activities. The increasing density of invasive plants has always been challenging in the countries. Such plants outcompete native plants for resources such as sunlight, water, and nutrients. Hence, the client wanted us to develop a ‘practical solution to deal with noxious weeds’ through an application. The application also records and views field activities related to chemical and mechanical plant treatments, plant assessments, plant occurrences, proposed treatment areas, and service requests.


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About the client

The client is a trusted leader in precision measurement and geospatial solutions. With a strong presence across various sectors, including geospatial, construction, engineering, and natural resources, our client delivers accurate and efficient solutions focused on precision measurement and spatial awareness, such as noxious weed management solutions.

About the client About the client


Developed a Cross Platform Application

We developed an all-in-one cross-platform mobile app that efficiently manages noxious weed control activities and supports offline compatibility, allowing technicians to map treatment plans even in remote areas. The team leveraged Xamarin. Forms and .Net to build native user interfaces for mobile apps using a single codebase, which is easily downloadable through the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store. The model creates customized weed management plans and serves as an additional tool for counties and Government agencies to track and manage weed occurrences and treatment effectively by viewing the service requests. 

Integration with ESRI Maps

To enable government-level weed management technicians and private contractors to visualize service requests and treatment areas, we integrated ESRI maps for seamless real-time data, dynamic entities, 3D base maps, and data filtering within the application. With features such as aerial imaging, technicians can identify and map areas infested with weeds and create effective management strategies.

Real-time tracking through IoT

We implemented real-time tracking capabilities within the app to allow technicians to monitor assets, equipment, and personnel instantly, ensuring up-to-date information and improving operational efficiency. 

Dynamic Reports and Data Visualization

We integrated dynamic reporting and data visualization features within the application using RDLC. This solution enables users to generate real-time, customized reports on weed management activities. The visual representation of data helps in understanding trends, identifying problem areas, and making informed decisions. This functionality has contributed to significant cost and resource savings by allowing for more efficient planning and execution of weed control measures.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • Technicians achieved 250%  accuracy in customized weed management plans tailored to specific areas and plant occurrences.
  • Dynamic reports and data visualization within the application enabled cost and resource savings.
  • Real-time tracking capabilities allowed technicians to monitor assets, equipment, and personnel instantly.

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