Enhancing Customer Experience for a Leading Agritech Business

Delivering an engaging and intuitive user experience for farmers and retailers by developing a unified mobile application for agricultural stakeholders to promote smart farming best practices among them. 

About this

About this project

Growers aimed to modernize their existing PWA agritech application while incorporating new business functionalities. The challenge was to achieve end-to-end functionality with a Node.js backend and maximize AWS services within two months. They sought a robust system to handle the agricultural sector's complex requirements, enhancing the ecosystem to unite farmers and retailers. The goal was to enable farmers to access products and services easily, fostering more profitable and sustainable farms while strengthening relationships among retailers, manufacturers, and growers.


Cloud, Customer Experience, Product Engineering


Durham, NC


About the client

Growers are leading the way in smart agriculture practices. These practices aim to make innovative tools accessible to farmers and retailers while promoting seamless interactions and transactions within the agricultural supply chain. Growers focus on optimizing farming operations and transactions by integrating precision technologies.

About the client About the client


Enhancing User Experience and Streamlining Transactions

Our team partnered with Growers to develop mobile application to improve user experience and streamline transactions in the agricultural ecosystem. Key features implemented include various payment options (using Stripe Connect), and a rewards program managed through Talon.One, push notifications for significant events, sponsored banners, and chat functionality to enhance communication between farmers and retailers. We also introduced retailer and product localization strategies to meet specific customer needs across different geographic regions.

Optimizing Backend Infrastructure with AWS Services

We utilized a range of AWS services for the backend infrastructure to ensure optimal performance, scalability, security, and reliability. This included Amazon ECS and Fargate for container management, AWS WAF for security, and serverless services such as AWS EventBridge, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and PostgreSQL on RDS for efficient database management. Our meticulous planning, development, and testing ensured seamless interoperability and optimal performance of these features within Growers’ existing AWS architecture.

Enabling Seamless Administrative Operations and CI/CD Pipelines

We developed functionalities for seamless administrative operations, allowing administrators to manage system operations effortlessly. Our supportive backend work integrated these features within Growers’ AWS architecture. Additionally, we guided the setting up of CI/CD pipelines tailored explicitly for mobile applications, empowering Growers to streamline their development process and ensure the rapid, reliable deployment of updates. Our comprehensive approach and collaboration with Growers significantly enhanced their technological capabilities, driving improvements in user experience and operational efficiency.



Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  1. Streamlined Bidding Platform: Connects farmers and retailers.
  2. Diverse Payment Options: Credit Card, ACH, Financing, On Account.
  3. Rewards Program: Tokenized points system for transactions.
  4. Push Notifications: Essential updates for users.
  5. Chat Functionality: Real-time communication with privacy.
  6. Admin Operations: Seamless management and product requests.

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