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Achieve Unshakable Business Continuity With Our 24x7 Managed IT Services

With Successive as your 24x7 managed service provider, you can be assured of near-perfect uptime and swift resolution of any issues that arise.

Managing your application and infrastructure is a drain on your resources. Even worse — it’s holding you back.

Our 24x7 managed IT services let you free up in-house personnel to focus on growing your business instead of sorting out nagging IT problems.

In Successive, you have a partner who can take care of all the components of your application and IT infrastructure. With our 24×7 managed IT services, we’ll monitor and optimize your software and hardware, ensuring that it remains super efficient, highly available, easily scalable, and fully secure.

We configure our services and SLAs to suit your needs, making sure you get the best mix of cost-effectiveness and service quality to help your business thrive. And we deliver on our promises without compromising on the metrics and KPIs that matter most to you.


Our Enterprise Managed Services

With X years of experience delivering high quality application and IT infrastructure managed services to enterprises like yours, Successive can help you achieve the results you need in a cost-efficient and reliable way.


Managed Application Services

Our application support and maintenance services keep your application highly available and efficient. Through regular monitoring and troubleshooting with a focus on crucial metrics, our engineers guarantee your application’s security and performance.


IT Infrastructure Managed Services

As part of our IT infrastructure managed services, we take charge of monitoring your servers, network, cloud environments, and databases — tuning performance, conducting audits, resolving incidents, and enabling the continuous optimization of your infrastructure.


Managed Security Services

We make sure your IT infrastructure is compliant with the latest security standards and regulations. We also monitor your IT infrastructure and perform regular vulnerability scans and penetration tests to quickly detect and respond to any threats.


Managed Testing Services

With our end-to-end managed testing services, we test your application for usability, performance, security, accessibility, and more. From planning tests, to designing test cases, executing tests, and reporting — we take care of it all.


Managed DevOps Services

Speed up your software delivery with DevOps as a service. As your 24x7 managed service provider, we can set up continuous integration and delivery pipelines that give you full visibility, enable rapid deployment, and simplify your operations.


IT Helpdesk Services

Nip IT-related issues in the bud and lower operational costs with our helpdesk service. Our engineers provide on-demand technical support, helping you resolve minor issues or make more significant changes to your code and database as needed.

How You Benefit From Our 24x7 Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services offer you a broad range of benefits, from improving your application performance, to mitigating security threats, to allowing you to scale seamlessly. Most importantly, with our help, you can spend your time on higher-margin projects and leave the grunt work to us.


Higher Business Productivity

Get higher business productivity with improved availability and reliability of your applications and infrastructure.

Expertise On Demand

With Successive as your 24x7 managed service provider, you get unfettered access to industry leading specialists without needing to hire anyone.

Lower Costs

By optimizing resource use, improving operational efficiency, and implementing automation, we help reduce your total cost of ownership.

Reduced Risk

Consistent monitoring helps lower the risk to your business and operations due to any unexpected failures.

Improved Security

By ensuring governance and compliance, we make sure your application and infrastructure remains fully secure.

Seamless Business Continuity

With proactive disaster recovery measures in place, your business can bounce back faster from any unexpected outages.

Why Successive

To run any kind of business today, you need IT support. But an IT department isn’t the right answer for every business. Small businesses may not be able to afford to hire in-house expertise. And even large enterprises may not be able to get the most from their IT investments without the relevant skills and experience. 

Successive offers a middle ground: cost-effective managed IT services that let you cut unnecessary staffing expenses while getting targeted solutions to help you unlock more value from your IT investments. 

Over our 6+ years of operation as a reliable managed services company in the US, we’ve gained an abundance of experience working with cutting-edge tools and technologies. We can keep your applications and infrastructure running smoothly, detect and resolve problems, and apply optimization techniques to help you cut costs. With our enterprise managed services, you can drastically reduce your operational risks and maximize your productivity like never before.

Years of Experience
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Our Onboarding Process for Managed IT Services

We treat your business like our own. As you hand over your IT services to us, we follow a phased approach to ensure a smooth transition and guarantee the success of our partnership.



We identify key stakeholders and their roles, define a strategy for the transition, determine an implementation plan, and identify meaningful SLA expectations.


Knowledge Transfer

We work closely with designated SMEs (internal teams or external service providers) to capture all relevant information regarding the service.



We put the implementation plan in action and set up relevant monitoring and auditing software and any other tools to facilitate managed IT services delivery.



Following a careful, phased approach, we take over the service from the existing teams or service providers and begin 24x7 managed IT services delivery as per SLA expectations.

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