Business Objective

Business Objective

The client intended to increase operational efficiency while reducing costs by merging digital information with advanced data engineering technologies. They wanted to bring the full value of their software and solutions to their team of digital investigators and partners by empowering their software with better workflow management, fraud analytics, lightweight infrastructure, and risk management capabilities. They also wanted to leverage cloud-based data management systems that could support storage of next-gen multimedia such as images and content, decisions, and processing of electronic files or cases with complete data accuracy representing customer understanding and real-time insights.

Business Challenge

Data Integration Complexity

The client had heterogeneous data sources that required seamless handling and processing. They needed to build an efficient data pipeline to integrate raw data and enhance operational effectiveness.

Regulatory Compliance

Moving to digital channels requires the client to navigate and deal with industry-specific data governance complexities and adhere to secure and compliant data management regulations.

Efficient Data Retrieval

The client needed to implement robust indexing and search mechanisms to optimize data performance and enable timely data retrieval for informed decision-making in digital operations.


Business Solution

Successive Digital helped the client strategically adopt advanced digital technologies and enabled them to develop a robust data pipeline. The data pipeline enabled the existing critical data to be extracted seamlessly for consolidated storage and reporting. Our data specialists built the ETL and its state that accommodates data from disparate sources, validates them, and removes inaccuracies, redundancies, and irrelevant data to achieve data accuracy requirements. GCP services like Dataproc, BigQuery, and Cloud SQL were used to create a high-quality database that meets the standard required for transformation.

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