Business Objective

Business Objective

Our client aimed to close the medical screening gaps and improve the HEDIS quality of healthcare services available to everyone. Using Intersystem IRIS, they also sought to close the gap between the explosion of healthcare data and making the data accessible, computable, and usable to improve business outcomes. They required disruptive technologies like cloud-based solutions to promote telehealth solutions.

Business Challenges

Legacy Application

UDoTest faced challenges in scaling its medical services to new geographies because of using legacy applications and infrastructure.

Data Security & Compliance

Their application lacked the necessary measures to safeguard sensitive medical information and maintain the trust of patients and regulatory bodies.

High Response Time

They encountered severe server outages and slow response times, impacting the reliability and effectiveness of their medical services.


Business Solution

Successive Digital designed an end-to-end cloud solution to support the client’s goal for a secure and seamless clinician and patient-centric experience by leveraging the latest technology and ensuring quality control measures. We modernized infrastructure and core applications to AWS cloud by refactoring and reviewing the codebase and implementing global state management across all applications. Our team established CI/CD pipelines to automate testing and deployment, ensuring smooth and error-free cloud deployments.

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