Business Objective

Business Objective

Innovative queue management was an idea to help people and F&B owners eliminate the possibility of waiting outside or around a restaurant, art gallery, or other queue demanding to book seats. We functioned it into a working UI by designing and executing a virtual queue management system interface for customers, vendors, and over-the-counter employees.

Business Challenge

Multi-level interface

The application had to be cleverly designed to help both customers and vendors register and employ the interface in their day-to-day endeavors.

Just An Idea

Since the application was at a benign stage, predicting the workflow of the interface was difficult. Plus, successful templates of similar ideas were next to none. So, starting from scratch was the only option.

Database management

Managing both user and vendor data was a task in addition to delivering a system that allowed easy sequencing of seats and virtual booking.


Business Solution

We assisted Clever Queue with a comprehensive solution that functioned at three distinct levels. Customers could use the UI to register and enter a virtual queue, vendors registered their business, and On-site employees also had access to move customers from in queue to next up and seated.

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