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An automated, all-in-one smart home control app for an interactive user experience. Focusing on energy efficiency, functional flexibility, scalability, and advanced security, we developed this application that offers remote access to your home appliances 

About this

About this project

TIO (Turn It On) was on a roll with its idea to modernize every home with a smart technology that enabled people to perform activities like temperature, music, and light control, among others, via a single user interface on their mobile or tablet. However, with sluggish software and cluttered UI, TIO learned that the idea was insufficient. People needed a modern, interactive UI that worked effortlessly in their palms or between their hands.




About the client

With its innovative and technologically equipped home automation systems, TIO transforms your house into a smart home ecosystem. Whether you want to dim the lights or play soothing music, you can control every aspect of your home with a smartphone application powered by TIO.

About the client About the client


After an initial assessment of the current situation, the UX designers at Successive Digital began by sketching several potential designs that met both TIO’s technological needs and the user experience demanded by its users. From the first iteration after a successful boot to the features and their context – every little nuance of the application was visualized. Prototyping, followed by testing, helped us construct the perfect design that helped TIO grow its engagement and revitalize the user experience on the app, taking into account various smartphone and tablet devices.

Yes, the efforts grew because the User interface had to support both Android and iOS operating systems. Adobe Photoshop was one of the primary tools that enabled us to test various design elements quickly in real time. 

After a process of sketching, prototyping, and testing, we finally concluded that TIO had found its new, interactive, smartphone-compatible technology that worked seamlessly. The company was happy, and the consumers were delighted to be able to return to this new way of interacting with their favorite all-in-one smart home application.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • User activity grew on the app, with more people signing up and trying the remodeled smart home application.
  • The application became responsive and worked across multiple devices and leading operating systems (Android and iOS).
  • Graphics were enhanced, and people were comfortable interacting with the seamless design.
  • Security and privacy were reestablished, with every detail about the user being encrypted and stored securely on the cloud.
  • From installation manuals to guides, people had quick access to necessary information on demand and in real time.
  • The customer engagement rate increased by 80%
  • Energy efficiency increased by 90%

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