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On Demand App Development Guide: 2024

So many developments in the past about how consumers lived their lives better have challenged app developers to constantly keep up their game in bringing the best digital innovations. From AR/VR technology to deliver an even more intuitive smartphone experience, apps are becoming more prominent and bolder. Among all the hustle in the app development space, on demand delivery applications are witnessing higher global demand. Recent research suggests that consumers are expected to spend over $1 trillion on on demand applications by the end of 2024. This growth is backed by the rapid penetration of smartphones and the use of on demand apps such as Uber.

Here is the guide to building an on demand application with handpicked excerpts from our market-leading app development exercise.

On demand apps, a little backdrop.

Back in the pre-Netflix era, we used to turn on the television every day at a specific channel. We used to watch a particular program being broadcasted at that exact time. There was a need to stipulate when we would consume our entertainment; Netflix changed it all and gave us entertainment liberty without compromising the quality.

This is precisely how on demand apps are bringing disruption in the way we live our lives.

But what exactly is the on demand delivery app?

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What Is An On Demand App?

An on demand application lets users immediately receive or schedule services or instantly buy products from a specific company. For instance, Uber helps its users to book a ride of their choice at their convenience to save time and money. Similarly, food delivery apps deliver delicious food by comparing the best delicacies and prices from multiple channels, bringing in the best digital experience on a tap.

The rise of technology has easily solved several everyday concerns, enabling users to lead a better lifestyle and live according to their wishes. This liberty results from the onset of the on demand delivery app development.

However, some on demand applications, such as Airbnb, do not sell anything. They act as the channel between the user and the service provider, helping potential buyers and sellers come together using an online or app-based platform to accomplish their specific needs. Therefore, different on demand applications serve multiple purposes, including their development at the technology level.

Types Of On Demand Apps

Business to Consumer (B2C)

B2C on demand delivery app facilitates the supply of goods or services directly from businesses to end-users. Specific restaurants like Domino’s, and Starbucks, use this category of apps to service their customer service. 

Business to Business (B2B)

B2B on demand delivery applications are widely used to provide services by connecting other businesses directly for logistics or to carry out their operations. B2B on demand apps are usually associated with helping other companies carry out their functions and logistics.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

Service providers and users use C2C or P2P on demand delivery apps to sell or buy goods directly from another consumer. Delivery service providers like Flipkart,  Etsy, and Amazon are C2C on demand delivery apps with a million daily users.

Types of On-Demand Apps

Benefits Of On Demand Applications

According to the latest survey, more than 42% of Americans have used at least one on demand app service, and the number is not stopping anytime soon. This happens because of the wide popularity of on demand services and the many benefits that these apps offer, such as,

  • More extensive customer base
  • Competitive pricing
  • Understanding customer behavior & demand patterns
  • Boosting customer loyalty
  • Eliminating infrastructure costs
  • Reducing manual dependencies

Best On Demand App Development Ideas For 2024

With the introduction of the latest technologies every now and then, customers’ expectations are constantly rising. And this makes on demand delivery apps a lot more than just food delivery. These apps are setting new standards for the enhanced customer experience.  Here are a few experts specifically fetched from our app development expert repository for entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the market with their next innovation move.

On Demand App For Healthcare Delivery

on demand app development for healthcare delivery has been on a constant rise ever since the pandemic surfaced and is not stopping anytime soon. on demand healthcare apps development is one of the most trending and beneficial sectors where on demand apps are used rapidly by the consumer base of every age group. These apps in the healthcare sector let doctors and patients connect anytime and anywhere. The applications have a huge consumer base and enable people to access care during emergencies with just a click from their smartphones.

Healthcare app development for on demand offers services like

  • Telemedicine
  • Appointment booking
  • Fitness
  • EHM
  • Telehealth
  • Diet tracking services.

On demand healthcare apps that are popular among us

  • GoodRx
  • Doctor On Demand
  • ZocDoc

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On Demand App For Household Needs

Finding reliable home needs with just a click is another innovative idea for on demand delivery app services. People used to struggle with finding quick and trustworthy home services like cleaning, plumbing services, electrical services, and home maintenance; on demand apps for household needs offer a one-stop solution to all these problems. An experienced mobile app development company will help create a disruptive application with a robust technology stack that can help users find everything they need for their home services on a single platform.

The user selects the service they require from the available options, such as house cleaning, plumbing, electrical, handyperson, and other services, and can book the services by adding availability, location, and service cost. Once the booking is confirmed, a service provider will visit the house and take on the service.

For Instance-  Task Rabbit is one of the largest on demand home service companies that connects customers to professionals who help them meet their everyday needs.

Other on demand apps for household chores.

  • Merrymaids
  • HouseJoy
  • Family Handyman

On Demand App For Courier Delivery

on demand delivery apps for courier and postal services, connect customers with delivery service providers in real-time. Popularized by offering a convenient and efficient way for people to send and receive packages, these apps have gained customers’ trust in recent years. on demand courier delivery apps development work on a model where the customer can create a delivery request in the app, adding the specific pickup and delivery location. The app then matches the request with an available courier driver in the area, who picks up the package and delivers it to the destination.

Apps that have gained popularity in courier delivery

  • Postmates
  • DoorDash
  • Caviar

On Demand App For Food And Drinks Delivery

One of the most popular and most used ideas for on demand delivery app development lies in the food and beverages industry. The application is built with interactive UX/UI, easy navigation, and on-spot delivery can generate significant dollars as it addresses the growing need for convenient and efficient delivery services. There is a vast scope for disruption in this industry. From on demand delivery apps for cooked cuisine to on demand delivery apps for groceries and daily needs, these applications provide a seamless experience to customers.

on demand apps that are ruling this ecosystem.

  • Uber Eats
  • Grubhub
  • InstaCart

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On Demand Travel App

on demand travel app development are widely popular as they can help users book a holiday to Miami, sitting in a part of Asia. Simplifying travel and saving costs is the USP of an on demand travel application that allows users to book various travel services, such as flights, hotels, car rentals, and tours, in real-time. These apps provide a huge business opportunity as users want leisure travel without any hassle, and on-delivery applications provide a quick and convenient way to book travel arrangements.

On demand travel apps that are popular among us.

  • Agoda
  • Trivago

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MVP Features For On Demand App Development

Before plunging into an actual development process, MVP development is always a great idea. MVP is the version of your application with minimum features required to validate the actual demand for the service.

Creating an MVP of the on demand app launched with a basic set of features captures the attention of early adopters and tests the actual demand.

Customer App Features

  • Login Page

The customer can log in to the page by adding the email address or mobile number to register or can simply log in using Google accounts or social media accounts.

  • User Profile

The user profile will access all past activities, including purchases, payments, carts, and reviews.

  • Geolocation

Adding geolocation will help in product/food delivery or finding the direction. Users can track the ETA of their product or food using location tracking.

  • Order placement and payments

Users can make payments through different options like debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallets, and cash.

  • Notifications

Users can receive notifications through email and SMS services regarding the service, the charge, the type of service, etc.

  • Help and support

Users can use the help and support feature to resolve their queries related to the product or service.

  • Feedback

Users can give their feedback on their experience with the application and its services.

Service Provider App Features

  • Service provider profile

The service provider log-in to the app using the email address, social media accounts or the mobile number, similar to the user’s profile.

  • GPS support

The service provider can use GPS support for the accurate delivery of the service or product.

  • Start and end of the delivery

All the information related to the service request from the customer can be viewed here, including the start and end of the service.

  • In-app calls and messaging

The service provider will be able to contact the customer during the service course based on the details provided by the customer.

  • My earnings page

The service provider should be able to track the services accepted by the provider and track their earnings here.

Customer App Features Service Provider App Features
Login Page Log-in Page and Profile
User Profile GPS Support
Geolocation In-App Calls and Messaging
Order Placement Start and End of Delivery
Payment My Earnings Page
In-app Calls and Messaging
Customer Support and Reviews
Push Notifications

On Demand App Development In 5 Easy Steps?

Follow these steps to find out how to develop the on demand app.

Step 1- Research the market trends, target audience requirements, and competitors.

Step 2- Make an overall budget and find app developers.

Step 3- Hire a trusted on demand delivery app development company.

Step 4- Discuss the project requirements and initiate development.

Step 5- Develop the app and launch it.

All these steps of on demand app development have their own winning strategies. The stages can vary depending on the project requirements. However, here’s the basic breakdown of all these steps to develop a successful MVP of an on demand app.

Step 1: Research the market trends, target audience requirements, and competitors

Before developing the on demand delivery app, it’s crucial to understand the market trends, target audience, requirements, and how competitors are solving their needs. So, start with in-depth market research and find room for disruption. While researching the trends and market, a basic understanding of technical aspects gives an edge and makes the development process smooth. Know things like,

  • If the application will be deployed on Android, iOS, web, or all?
  • What will be the core capabilities of the application?
  • What technologies will be used to support the application?

Step 2: Make an overall budget and find app developers

After knowing the key offering, choose a business model and start planning on the features and overall budget that goes into on demand delivery app development. Having the prior budget gives the clarity of not experimenting with different MVPs and finalizing the first set of features to be added to the mobile app development process.

Step 3- Hire a trusted on demand app development company

A reliable on demand app development company can do wonders for your mobile app development idea. They can even consult you throughout the process about what features your customers would like to see in the beta version of your application. Therefore, the next step to building a successful on demand app is hiring a trusted app development company that provides degrees of ongoing support, from development to after-launch maintenance. A premium mobile App development partner will co-innovate with clients and give them an idea of how to design and develop an app with trending functionalities and features at minimum costs.

Step 4- Discuss the project requirements and initiate development

Discussing the project requirement with the on demand app development company is the most crucial part of the development of an app. Requirement gathering goes two ways where the tech team suggests the features and functionality of the application based on the client’s requirements. Usually, the MVP of an on demand app consists of features like

  1. User registration: Users should be able to create an account and log in to your app.
  2. Product or service selection: Users should be able to select the products or services they want to order.
  3. Payment gateway: Users should be able to pay for their orders using a secure payment gateway.
  4. Delivery tracking: Users should be able to track the progress of their orders, including the estimated delivery time and the current location of the delivery driver.
  5. Reviews and ratings: Users should be able to leave reviews and ratings for the products or services they receive.

Step 5- Develop the app and launch it

After selecting the UX/UI design and the basic set of features, the app becomes ready to go into the development process. The development team will help clients choose the target platform based on their requirements. There are two main platforms for mobile app development: iOS and Android; after putting everything together, the on demand delivery app is ready to welcome its users.

What Is The Time And Cost Of Building An On Demand Application?

By and large, it takes 800 to 900 hours to build an on demand service app. The time and cost of building an on demand delivery application can vary greatly depending on several factors such as the complexity of the application, the number of features required, the technology stack used, the platform for which the app is being built (iOS, Android, and Web), the size and experience of the development team, and the location of the development team. Further, an app development team will give a basic estimation with basic features that will cost you up to $25,000, including planning, analysis, testing, launching, and after-launch support.

The cost of developing an on demand app is usually higher than for a regular mobile app of a social network or eCommerce type, which is completely reasonable given the complexity of the task. It goes without saying that making an on demand delivery app requires skills, knowledge, and experience to keep the app up and running. So, it’s imperative to make sure to hire the team of the best developers you can find. They can make the app a decent competitor to the companies that are already well-established on the market. Successive Digital has sufficient expertise with a pool of tech leads and developers who take every project with much precision and as their own. Contact our experts today for a free estimation for your on demand delivery app.

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