Is Kubernetes Still Just an Ops Topic?

Are you the one who is still searching for the answer to the question: is Kubernetes an ops topic, or if developers should care about it? You have landed on the right page. Read to know. 

Kubernetes is no more just ‘Enterprise Deployable’; it is ‘Enterprise Standard.’ Businesses are confidently building capabilities and alignment strategies based on the Kubernetes framework. This cloud technology offers automation, visibility, and robust management of applications at scale and high innovation velocity.

Containers and Kubernetes made it possible to create portable systems that can run in any cloud environment and data center globally. Kubernetes integration with technologies like Istio allows you to streamline and automate complex operational tasks with ease. It includes:

  • discovery
  • traffic management
  • monitoring
  • service rollout

It enables enterprises to use declarative API actions to manage the application development infrastructure. This technology has always been around the Ops. But developers were rarely in touch with it. 

Kubernetes offers tools that can effectively manage and maintain production systems. However, there is one concern of developers that if Kubernetes is something they should care about in the coming future or if it is still “just an ops topic.” This post will resolve all your apprehensions.

Should Developers Consider Kubernetes?

This question includes two parts. 

Part 1:  Kubernetes is Not a Developers Topic

When companies introduce Kubernetes with an existing product, either a complete application or some part needs to be migrated to the Kubernetes first. The task is often not for the developers but something that only a smaller team or operating engineers can take care of. 

Conclusion: Kubernetes is not a developer topic till this stage. 

Part 2: Developers Should Consider Kubernetes

After the initial migration or development of new applications or services, Kubernetes comes into play for developers.  Kubernetes is mainstream nowadays. Enterprises are asking developers to work with Kubernetes, especially for complex systems like microservice-based applications. Why? Because they can’t run on limited local environments and for AI & ML software that has immense computing requirements. So, you need Kubernetes to run the application in both the production & development phase. 

Reason Why Developers Should Use Kubernetes aka K8s?

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Reasons to Make Kubernetes an Attractive Dev Topic

  1. Local Kubernetes Clusters

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2. Shared Remote Clusters


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  1. Standardized Processes with Dev Tools
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  1. Large Community Support

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Wrapping Up

Kubernetes is an innovative and omnipresent technology that has an excellent future in digital transformation. It is beneficial for both the Ops and the Devs teams. It helps you improve your skill set and horizons in various industry verticals. With broad libraries and communities available, Kubernetes is seamless to learn and use. 

We, at Successive Digital, offer Kubernetes managed services that ensure fully automated and scalable operations with 99.9% SLA on any environment, i.e., data centers, public clouds, or at the edge. Our DevOps experts create enterprise-level Kubernetes solutions tailored to your business needs. Contact us to get started.


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