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The Self-Storage industry is undergoing a seismic shift driven by evolving customer expectations and technological advancements. Successive Digital offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-native and Kubernetes solutions that address these industry-specific challenges while unlocking new avenues for growth. Our strategies focus on optimizing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and maximizing revenue, thereby driving significant ROI and positioning your business for long-term success.


Our Solutions

Self-Storage Kiosk

Kiosk solutions make self-storage the next best thing to in-person interaction, such as at a unit, signing a lease, purchasing insurance, buying a lock, paying rent, and more. Many models are also provided to support live video chat and remote control, which provides anytime help to customers.

self storage
self storage

Cloud-Based Work Order Management

Centralize and automate work orders to enhance efficiency, improve customer experience, and enable real-time tracking. Our solutions include automated scheduling, real-time alerts, and predictive maintenance.

Automated Reporting Systems

Utilize AI-driven analytics for precise, real-time decision-making, predictive maintenance, and trend analysis. Our solutions include automated dashboards, real-time alerts, and predictive analytics.

self storage
self storage

Customer Engagement Platform

Implement a cloud-based platform offering personalized interactions and self-service options. Our solutions include chatbots, remote access control & digital keys, and personalized recommendations.

Key Challenges

self storage

Fragmented Work Order Management

self storage

Lack of Real-Time Facility Monitoring

self storage

Cumbersome Manual Reporting

self storage

Limited Customer Engagement

Types of Self-Storage Capabilities We Have

Our self-storage management solutions centralize everything and make your life as a self-storage operator as easy as possible. We help you develop capabilities that support a complete ecosystem. We develop systems and provide solutions that bring complete automation to work orders, consolidate departments, and streamline day-to-day storage facility management while reducing costs and providing ROI.

  • Multi-Units management
  • Inventory Management
  • Booking Management
  • Access Control
  • Specialized Reporting
  • Vendor and Supplier Management
  • Maintenance management
  • Asset Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Space Optimization
  • Property Management
  • Work Order Allocation
  • Notification and Communication
  • Tracking Maintenance and Repair
  • Work Order History
  • Task Completion
  • Maintenance Metrics

Why Choose Successive Digital for Self-Storage Management Solutions?

Successive combines earned business acumen, the latest methodologies, tools, and best processes to build innovative solutions that suit your business’s specific needs.


Human-Centric Product Development

Our approach focuses explicitly on human-centric experience. We put user needs and business specifications at the center of every process. It helps you to have systems and solutions for your business that deliver better engagement, experience, and loyalty on your platform while ensuring end-to-end security.


Evolutionary Architecture

We help you develop innovative business solutions through Successive’s evolutionary and industry-proven architecture. It allows you to respond to constant market change and release features for customers instantly. Moreover, we support technical and domain changes while optimizing the different functions always to fit your environment.


DevOps Mindset

As a technology-driven company, we always strive to incorporate new processes within solution development, and the DevOps mindset is one among them. Our processes revolve around everything as code and automation so that solutions can quickly evolve as and when required with improved operational efficiency.


Security & Compliances

We take a step forward in ensuring the application's security by incorporating DevSecOps principles in the processes. Whether following SAST/SADT within CI/CD or performing container scanning, dependency checks, or digital signing of artifacts, we perform it all and ensure improved solution delivery.


Lean Product Management

At Successive, we have adopted a metrics-driven development approach that ensures you get frequent status updates. It allows you to focus more time on business innovation and operations.

self storage

Technology Stack

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    .Net Core

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