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Migrate to a feature-rich and scalable ecommerce store with Shopify Migration Services

Successive’s team can help ensure a hassle-free migration with no downtime or loss of data, so that you can stay focused on growing your business.

Shopify offers an industry-leading ecommerce platform, perfect for growing businesses like yours.

However, migrating to a new platform can be a complex and risky process.

With an improperly executed migration, you run the risk of losing valuable data, ending up with duplicate copies of your data, or getting mismatched data. This is why you need an implementation partner who closely understands modern ecommerce platforms and is aware of industry best practices. At Successive, our expertise in Shopify development, migration, and integration helps us prevent errors during the migration process and minimize risks to your data, uptime, and SEO ranking. Our experienced team of designers and Shopify specialists can help you seamlessly migrate to Shopify from a variety of popular ecommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more. To learn more about how we can help you with your migration, reach out to us today.


Our Shopify Migration Services

At Successive, we’ve gained years of experience working with a wide variety of ecommerce technologies. Our team is familiar with several industry-leading platforms and can support you with all your ecommerce migration needs. These are some of the cross-platform migrations we’ve worked on most often.

What You Get

Migrating to Shopify offers many advantages. The platform allows quick and easy setup, with a large variety of themes, and a diverse app marketplace. It’s also SEO-friendly and offers a number of analytics and marketing tools. With Successive’s migration expertise, you can get your Shopify store launched quickly and efficiently. These are some of the advantages you gain in the process.


Seamless Migration

With Successive’s deep expertise in migrating from popular platforms to Shopify, you can be assured of a painless migration and access to the full range of functionality your business needs.

Assured Data Integrity

Our developers ensure that there’s no risk of loss or corruption of your data. We’ll help you confidently migrate all your products, orders, customers, categories, images, and content to Shopify.

Minimal SEO Impact

Our migration process is focused on minimizing impact to your store’s SEO ranking and authority — for example, by using URL redirects to route traffic from your old store to the new one.

Easy Store Management

Shopify offers an extremely user-friendly platform that will help to reduce your business’s reliance on developers and scale your operations in the long term.

Tailored Functionality

Shopify also offers an extensive collection of apps in its app marketplace, so you can get the right mix of features and add-ons for your store.

Short Time to Market

Shopify’s easy-to-use platform combined with Successive’s technical expertise means that you can quickly launch your store and keep growing your revenue.

Improved User Experience

Shopify’s platform is fully mobile optimized, ensuring that your ecommerce store offers a good user experience to visitors on all devices.

Heightened Security

Shopify also offers robust security features, so that your store remains protected from existing as well as emerging security threats.

Endless Scalability

Shopify is a modern, future-proof platform that has all the capabilities to keep growing and scaling along with you, as your business grows.

Why Successive

With more than 5 years of experience crafting solutions for organizations of all sizes in the ecommerce industry, Successive’s team of certified developers is perfectly suited to help perform your store migration to Shopify.

Our developers have gained valuable experience performing complex migrations — we take a systematic approach to migration, ensuring that we assess risks thoroughly and provide effective post-migration support. We work with you to understand your business objectives and requirements, and ensure that you get to launch your store within budget and on time. 

A successful migration to Shopify will help minimize bugs, glitches, and other performance issues that can slow down your store’s performance, impact your user experience, and increase your costs. So speak to our solution consultants to get started with your migration to Shopify, and start getting better results from your online store. 

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Our Migration Process

We take a highly structured approach to ensure that your store migration goes smoothly. Here’s a stepwise breakdown of our migration process.



We audit and evaluate your existing ecommerce store, assess its existing functionality and operational processes. We’ll try to understand your business objectives and key requirements, and identify risks and bottlenecks.



We define an approach for the migration. As part of this, we’ll also identify any new features that are needed as well as any necessary integrations. We’ll also define the UX strategy for your ecommerce store.


Migration & Development

During the actual migration, we’ll configure your Shopify theme and apps, before migrating your legacy content, data, and media. We’ll also re-architect any integrations that are needed to support your store.



Finally, we’ll perform end-to-end system testing, including testing for performance, data integrity and functionality. Before we hand over the store to you, we’ll also train your team on how to work with the new platform.

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