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Successive Digital Achieves AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner Status: A Significant Milestone in Cloud Computing Excellence

Successive Digital, a professional services firm specializing in Cloud Native Engineering, Data, and AI/ML, has achieved the AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner status, reinforcing its position as a leading cloud computing and digital transformation company.

AWS Lambda Delivery is a service that allows developers to build and run serverless applications without the need to manage servers. With Lambda Delivery, developers can write code in response to events such as changes to data in an S3 bucket or an API Gateway request. 

The service automatically scales the application in response to the incoming traffic and charges only for the compute time used. AWS Lambda Delivery is a powerful tool for building highly scalable and cost-effective applications, allowing developers to focus on writing code instead of managing infrastructure. 

This recognition positions Successive Digital as a trusted partner with demonstrated expertise in serverless computing, enabling them to guide clients through the intricacies of serverless computing and help them utilize AWS Lambda’s potential for their projects. With this status, Successive reaffirms its commitment to delivering advanced solutions and staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Bikram Singh, Chief Growth Officer at Successive Digital, expressed his pride about the achievement, stating, “We are proud to announce that we have become an AWS Lambda Service Delivery Partner. This achievement is a testament to our team’s expertise and commitment to staying ahead in the competitive world of cloud computing. We are excited about the benefits this will bring to our clients and our ongoing commitment to excellence.

About Successive Digital

Successive Digital is a global provider of digital solutions known for revolutionizing business strategies through its services, including Cloud Native Engineering, Data and AI/ML, Digital Transformation, Application Migration and Modernization, and Cloud Native Development. With its headquarters in seven locations worldwide and operations in over 50 countries, Successive effectively resolves intricate problems through its digital capabilities and award-winning solutions, aiming to provide an exceptional user experience.

This milestone highlights Successive Digital’s commitment to excellence in cloud computing and serverless architecture. The company is dedicated to delivering quality services and state-of-the-art solutions, keeping up with technological advancements.