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Just a desk with just a little bit more..

The coronavirus pandemic led to something absolutely unexpected and unprecedented – a nationwide lockdown. This period has been hard to adjust to for everyone, including working professionals like me who really enjoyed going to the office. In the last three months, I found myself missing the office canteen, the coffee machines, the gaming rooms, and the chai tapri we’d go to for our midday break. But most of all, I found myself missing my workstation.

As a workaholic, it was only natural for my world to revolve around my desk. I kept it minimalistic and clean with only a widescreen monitor, a few family pictures, a plant, and a scented decorative jar on it. This setup filled me with warmth, energy, and really helped me focus. My mesh swivel chair was perfect for long hours and the glass panels all around served as my brainstorming journal. Just when I thought it couldn’t be more perfect, I found out that my workstation was actually in one of the best positions in the office – right in the corner where I could work in solitude but also see and engage with my 100+ team members.

To put it simply, I loved being in the office in every sense. So, I never really invested in the supplies and accessories needed to work from home. That would explain the small, flimsy laptop table on my bed at home and the bean bag beside it. My work calls, just like everyone else’s, are supplemented with a fair share of background noise but that’s not the most poignant part. What I miss most is the connection one feels while having in-person conversations.

Needless to say, I am raring to return to the office and of course, to my workstation – a place where I felt challenged, humbled, empowered, and motivated, all at the same time.


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Sapna Upreti

Sapna Upreti

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