Business Objective

Business Objective

The client wanted to develop mobile applications and meet growing user demands to enable them to shop and engage with the brand on the go. They initiated cross-platform application development with React Native framework. They wanted to build a full-fledged user-focused mobile application, including multiple integration support to optimize their marketing efforts.

Business Challenge

Declining Sales

The client discovered a significant sales volume and a high degree of conversion & usage on mobile devices, especially iOS. Henceforth, they wanted an app to provide a more optimized and personalized shopping experience throughout the user journey.

Lack of Automation

The client sought a compliant and automated deployment process to achieve faster go-to-market and support for quick iterations. Since their system primarily relied on manual tasks and processes, they wanted to update it into an automated test and CI-CD pipeline.

Third-Party Integration

They wanted to align all the existing web integrations with the mobile app to create a seamless omnichannel ecosystem and help visitors browse product catalogs, create wish lists, add items to a cart, and easily complete purchases.


Business Solution

To strategically transform the client’s proven retail methods and keep its voice alive on mobile platforms, we gradually addressed their challenges at a fundamental level. Trading the traditional eCommerce methods for a mobile application was on the priority list; for this, Successive delivered a full-featured cross-platform application using React Native. They leveraged the speed of cross-platform application development, launched the iOS application within the stipulated time, and won the customer’s trust and increased satisfaction and loyalty. As an expansion strategy, they also developed and launched the Android application for Android users, securing top positions in play stores and the highest ranking.

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