Business Objective

Business Objective

The scope of Successive’s collaboration with the client was to develop an automated process starting from awareness around healthy lifestyles to offering a LifePlan to Users. There was a need to redefine the overall journey of a user in iOS and Android apps.

Business Challenges

Need for integration with wearable to track progress

The application, with a broad user base, was gathering the patient's vitals but could not provide actionable insights to the users. Henceforth, the client wanted to integrate and synchronize with a wearable to track the patient's progress and give actionable insights.

Improvement in UX/UI for better engagement.

The client was facing issues with user engagement, which is crucial for the application's long-term success. They needed a simple, clear, and concise for users to guide them through the initial setup seamlessly.


Business Solution

Successive Digital developed an all-in-one healthcare application module for both iOS and Android users; it is enabled with a custom UI built on React Native and a dashboard that collects vital data across various domains such as sleep & relaxation, nutrition, medication adherence, and fitness. The dashboard works on the vitals collected by the third-party wearable device Dozee. Our strategic consultants and development team built the innovation-led app offering a LifePlan around the “Self-care Pentagon” screen talks about five goals required to manage health revolving around sleep & relaxation, nutrition, self-awareness, medication adherence, and fitness.

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