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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Build Strong Relationships with Customers (7 Ways)

Summary: Are you finding it challenging to build relationships with your targeted customers? Is your organization in search of the best software to market goods and services online? If yes, then the Salesforce marketing cloud platform is all you need. It is an excellent way to reach potential customers, understand the customer base, and create a targeted customer journey. Read to know more.

Organizations nowadays spend a considerable number of resources and budget on marketing. However, all marketing efforts are irrelevant if you do not connect with your customers correctly. Marketing is all about CRM (Customer Relationship Management), on which all businesses depend. Now, if you want the best CRM for your business, you will also need the best tools to get the desired results. It is where the salesforce marketing cloud comes into play. This blog discusses the benefits of Salesforce marketing cloud and why organizations should consider it.

Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), formerly known as Exact Target, is most prominent in the B2B marketing world. Why? Because of its unique concept for marketing automation platform (MAP).

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers marketing professionals a robust set of tools specifically designed to effectively interact and manage your brands’ connection with current and potential customers. It lets you connect with your customers through email, mobile messaging, digital advertising, website content, and social media.

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can avail multiple benefits. Such as:


Let’s dive deep into the different platforms that Salesforce marketing cloud provides to marketers-

6 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Platforms to Build Effective Marketing Strategies

1. Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud, aimed at marketing professionals who want the maximum return from the investment. How? By understanding the customer base and providing them what they are interested in. Marketers can access all the data stored and sorted across different Salesforce products.

2. Analytics Builder

It is an essential tool that lets you analyze your efforts and uncover new insights about your target customers. You will get insights into your contacts’ behaviors and interests across channels that you can use to set marketing goals for the future.

3. Content Builder

With the content-builder tool, the marketing team can create, share, manage, and track content across all marketing channels from a centralized location. What makes it more interesting is that AI powers it and smartly arranges and delivers your content for maximum ROI.

4. Personalization Builder

As the name suggests, the personalization builder tool enables marketers to personalize and understand different consumer preferences using predictive analytics. It is part of the Einstein framework, which you can use to make customer interaction fast, smart, and predictive.

5. Journey Builder

Journey Builder is an easy-to-use visual flow tool where marketers can design their own automated omnichannel customer journeys. You can even set behavior-based goals while planning multiple personalized interactions, all within the same device. It also integrates with the Sales Cloud and Service Cloud platform, ensuring smooth customer experiences.

6. Audience Builder

One of the audience builder tool’s prime objectives is to provide a single view of all the customer-related activities by collecting and compiling data from each integrated Salesforce platform in your CRM environment. You can easily create audience segments using a drag-and-drop tool that filter data across subscriber attributes, engagement & predictive insights. This way, you can engage with the audience at the right moment.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a unique cloud-based tool to create marketing automation strategies and provide an end-to-end personalized customer experience. We hope this guide helps shed some light on what it has to offer for your business.

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