Modern Data Platform Discovery & Ideation Workshop

Crafting Success Stories Across Business Functions with GenAI Ideation

Transform Challenges Into Opportunities With Data Evolution

Organizations face heightened demands in the current intricate business landscape: customers expect more innovative products, competitors are entering the market with new services, and shareholders emphasize profitability. In such a situation, data is becoming increasingly important for an organization to be agile, grow, and be a driving force for innovation.

Organizations need modern data approaches to think big, start small, and scale fast. Successful organizations have the mindset to innovate faster and be more agile by leveraging technology and organizing people and processes that drive values directly tied to strategic business objectives.

Our Modern Data Platform Discovery and Ideation Workshop aims to help you identify use cases aligned with business objectives, paving the way for a data-driven organization.

Our team includes industry and technology experts who can work with your team to identify and address one or more use cases at a time and scale fast specific to your organization. They also share insights with you on what others in the same industry are doing by thinking bigger and laying the foundation for a modern data platform.

Historically, customers have struggled with these changes and often face challenges such as understanding “what good looks like,” data privacy, security, compliance, and creating a data-driven culture. Join us in this transformational experience, where we uncover the possibilities of modern data platforms, providing insights, best practices, and tailored ideas to propel your organization toward data-driven excellence in the cloud.

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How Does Engaging With Workshop Looks Like?

    Session I: Discovery and Knowledge Sharing (½ Day): Align business and technical stakeholders on business priorities, use cases, and financial drivers for data-driven decision-making.

    Intended audience:Technical and Business Stakeholders, IT leadership, data architects, data engineers, DevOps, and data scientists.

  • Facilitate collaborative brainstorming sessions to address business priorities, challenges, and opportunities that necessitate the utilization of a modern data platform for informed decision-making.
  • Evaluate and prioritize business use cases to gain insights into current data utilization across business units.
  • Explore modern data platform concepts and architectures, drawing inspiration from real-world implementations by other customers.

    Session II: Ideation and Solution Design (½ Day): Definition of Use Cases and Platform Finalization

    Intended audience: Technical — IT leadership, data architect, data engineers, DevOps, and data scientists.

  • Facilitate the generation of innovative solutions for your high-priority use case.
  • Whiteboard requirements, outcomes, and high-level architecture.
  • Choose the right architecture pattern (E.g., Data Lake, Data Mesh, Data Warehouse) for the modern data platform.
  • Identify and outline security, compliance, and operational requirements.
  • Determine the necessary skill set and training requirements.

Key Outcomes Of Modern Data Platform Discovery Workshop

    How Does Generative AI Shopping Assistant Help?

    Participating in the workshop will help you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Document high-level data flow for the specified use case
  • Design a modern data platform architecture capable of supporting multiple use cases
  • Receive recommendations for services required to construct the technology solution
  • Obtain a high-level roadmap and estimates for implementation

Why Successive Digital?

Empowering business decisions with modern data platforms



Our experts help you address data silos, governance issues, and limited data access. Additionally, we extend our support to enable you to streamline data management processes for seamless integration and analysis.



Empower customers to make well-informed buying decisions through intelligent and context-aware product recommendations.



You can rely on our experienced team to help you maximize the value of cloud investments and optimize data once migrated to the cloud. They can help you overcome challenges associated with migrating to and optimizing cloud environments.



We work closely with you to establish a solid foundation for leveraging data, empowering your decision making process through a jointly developed data strategy that enhances your data capabilities.

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