A scalable multi-vendor online marketplace providing a centralized interface to provide better control, boost customer engagement, and enhance retail experiences.

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About this project

Today, the growth of any business lies in selling online. But with an influx of e-commerce marketplace applications and the many technical nuances, the more a business expands digitally, the more difficult it gets to control and manage the backend of things. Managing multiple marketplaces and vendors, from inventory to shipping, can pause an online retailer's growth. Marketcube aimed to eliminate this issue with a one-stop solution but found itself tangled in the complexities that come in the form of the functioning and maintenance of an e-commerce platform. Successive Digital joined hands with Marketcube to eliminate a prolonged problem in the company's e-commerce platform that required immediate attention.




About the client

Today, there are over 200 marketplaces that can help you sell your products from anywhere in the world to everywhere in the world. But what about the control? Imagine managing an interface of 200 marketplaces. From inventory management to shipping - the process can put you in a never-ending loop of constant confusion and mismanagement. Here is where our client, MarketCube, comes in. With MarketCube, businesses never have to see a tumble in their growth. Marketcube allows organizations to have a centralized interface to manage all their marketplaces efficiently. Simply put, it's a ‘marketplace as a service.’

About the client About the client


We streamlined a SaaS (Software As A Service) interface with a one-stop solution for online sellers. As the technology partner to MarketCube, we devised a front end that allowed dropshipping businesses to exhibit their products while making it easy for customers to find and learn more about them. 

Our team’s first order of business was to address the key issues, which included functioning a blueprint that delivered a detailed roadmap into how the problems could be eliminated and a smoother interference for online retailers could be developed. Employing the leading technologies in the UI/UX world, we found the solution to be two-faced – front and back end. In the front end, through React, Apollo GQL, and Shopify Polaris, we architectured a platform where an online retailer will have the luxury of exhibiting its products and services from multiple vendors. At the backend, they could also comfortably manage many business variables via an individual interface, including inventory, vendors, and shipping. 

We mastered differentiated plugins using leading software like Cloudinary and Sendgrid, allowing retailers to work seamlessly with e-commerce marketplace applications like WooCommerce and Shopify through MarkeCube’s cloud interface. From payment gateways to managing vendors and their commissions, online retailers now had a framework where they could do it all. With a headless backend architecture, the customization options for online retailers were limitless. This time, the key to their business growth was in their own hands.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • Marketcube grew in more than 80 countries across the globe and is currently assisting thousands of businesses online.
  • Businesses found the platform extremely helpful, and a key issue in online selling was discovered and addressed.
  • Marketcube holds more than 1 million products in its basket.
  • Business giants like Ab InBev streamlined their online business via MarketCube.
  • Marketplace expansion to 80+ countries
  • Range of products available 1 Million+

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